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Safe Weight Loss for Overweight Kids

If your child is overweight, it is likely that you want to help them get healthy. But sometimes this means ignoring the popular diet advice. Often, what works for adults may not be better for children.

"Children have their own nutritional needs for healthy growth and development," says Tamara Melton, nutritionist and instructor at Georgia State University.

The best way to help a child lose weight? Work with your pediatrician to make sure they slow down. But you can also think about these simple steps to help your child - and all the family - to live a healthier and more fit of lifestyle.

. 1. Find the goal of the right weight. Many younger children should not really lose pounds. "Since they're still growing up, they may need to keep their weight or earn at a slower rate," says Melton. Older teenagers can lose half a pound for 2 pounds per week. Your child's doctor can let you know what you should point out.

. 2.Say "no" diets and supplements. Your first impulse can be put your child on a diet. But unless your pediatrician recommends it, avoid these types of large calorie cutting plans. They can mean they will not get the nutrients and calories that need to grow. In addition, many diets can teach your child that certain items are "bad" or off limits, which can change as they see the food later in life.

Weight loss drugs or supplements are not a good idea (except when the doctor prescribes). There is little or no research on how these pills affect children, so they may not be safe.

. 3. Take the rest of the family on board. instead of singling off your child, have a conversation with the whole family about how you would like to make healthy changes for everyone, including yourself.

"Children learn their habits from their parents," says Melton. So it is important to take by example. One study discovered that children were much more likely to lose weight when their parents also decreased.

Easy Weight Loss Diets - Safe Weight Loss for Overweight Kids

Easy Weight Loss Diets

. 4. Start small. Do not attempt to review your family's diet at once. Instead, try making some changes at a time. Small and manageable tweaks are more likely to last a life, says Melton.

Start with one or two of these habits every week:

  • Swap your child's sugar drinks such as juice and soda, for water or low-fat or non-care milk.
  • Make sure your child eat a healthy breakfast. A morning meal with whole grains and protein, like a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, will help them feel complete, so they will not eat later on the day.
  • Grains refined trade, such as white bread and white rice, for whole grains, such as whole bread and brown or wild rice. Experience new, also such as quinoa or farro.
  • Try not to eat in restaurants or fast food joints more than once a week.
  • Buy more fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks and fewer fries, biscuits and sweets. If these high calorie foods are not around, your kids can not eat them. And while you should not declare any "off-limits" trato, help your children learn to have them in moderation.
  • Keep an eye on the size of the portions. Great dishes and glasses encourage to eat more then you may want to reduce your desktop utensils.

. 5. Eat meals together. When you sit like a family (and not in front of the television), you will encourage healthier habits. One study showed that children who shared three or more family meals per week were 20% less prone to eating unhealthy foods and 12% less likely to be overweight.

At the beginning of each week, schedule some family breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you can, make everyone involved in planning and cooking meals.

. 6. Fill children in fruits and vegetables. Products are usually low in calories and tall in nutrients. Children need 1 to 3 cups of vegetables and 1 to 2 cups of fruit every day. Sneak in portions with these strategies:

  • Have your child choose their favorite products in the supermarket.
  • Mix a small fruit smoothie for breakfast or snack.
  • Serve a fruit or vegetarian at each meal or snack: senior cereals with berries, pair a sandwich with side salad and serve vegetables with hummus between meals.
  • Use vegetables instead of meat in child friendly dishes such as pepper, lasagna and spaghetti.

. 7. Stir. Experts say children need 60 minutes of physical activity every day. If your child is not active, you can help them work until this goal:

  • Make exercise a family outing. Go on tours, hiking or cycling together.
  • Help your child find an activity that they like, be football, swimming, dancing or just running around the playground.
  • Encourage them to spend time out instead of in front of the TV or computer.

If you make these changes and your child is not losing weight after a few months, you may need to talk to a health professional specializing in weight loss for children. They can guide you through a formal weight control program.

Safe Weight Loss For Overweight Kids

- Easy Weight Loss Diets

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet