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Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss?

Getting a good night's rest could help you lose weight.

Eight hours of sleep per night can be ideal, report researchers.

They studied 323 men and 417 women in Canada's Quebec province. Those who reported sleep seven to eight hours a night were thinner than those who observed five or six hours of night sleep.

The study was presented at the US Association for the study of the Annual Scientific Meeting of Obesity held in Vancouver, Canada.

The researchers included Jean-Philippe Chaput, a doctoral candidate in Kinesiology at Laval University in Quebec City.

Weight Loss Macros For Female - Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Macros For Female
Sleep study Participants concluded research on their sleep habits. They also took blood tests that are displayed for leptin, a hormone involved in the hunger regulation.

Researchers estimated how much leptin participants should have, based on body fat.

leptin is a hormone that is made predominantly in fat cells. The amount of leptin in the blood is proportional to the amount of body fat. It is believed to decrease the appetite. However, most obesity is characterized by leptin resistance and their appetite suppress effect.

Participants who reported less sleep tended to have lower leptin levels than predicted. This can mean that their bodies were not using leptin very efficiently.

Our bodies and behavior are complicated. Therefore, it is not as simple as saying: "less sleep, less leptin, more hunger, more eat, more weight, more fat".

Instead, it may be more like a joined node - face a wire, and another can join. So sleep may not fix weight problems by themselves. Do not expect him to blank the calories you eat and burn during the day.

But there are still many reasons to sleep enough.

To get started, driving while sleepy is a danger for yourself and everyone on the road. This dragged feeling can set up your whole day too.

Easier said than done?

Adorable sleep sounds, you say, but it's not happening.

Sometimes we save asleep because we are burning the two ends of the candle with work, school or family demands. In other cases, sleep problems are signs of other medical problems. For example, depression can destroy sleep (causing a lot or too small sleep).

Sleep Your Way To Weight Loss?

Lack of sleep is not always so complicated. For some, it's a matter of breaking this late TV habit and turning earlier.

Here are some "sleep hygiene" rules that can help you sleep suitable:

  • Get up at the same time every day (including weekends).
  • Obtain as much light as possible during your desired hours.
  • Go to bed at night only when you think you can fall asleep.
  • If you are having trouble sleeping, minimize day naps.
  • Make the room dark. Get heavy curtains if necessary.
  • Minimize caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, especially before bed.
  • Exercise regularly, but not too close to bedtime.
  • relaxation for an hour first. Try taking a hot bath, registration in the diary, turning off the news, or drinking a little hot milk.
  • Make your room a sanctuary. Keep the bills, work, etc., outside.

Remember, children need more sleep than adults are at their best.

Why sleep helps with weight loss - Weight Loss Macros For Female

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet