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Stretch Mark After Weight Loss : That's a Binge Belly, Not a Beer Belly

Tea For Belly Fat Loss - That's a Binge Belly, Not a Beer Belly

testTea For Belly Fat Loss

This is not a beer belly - it's a compulsion belly.

The waist size is not connected to how much you drink, but how much you drink at once, a study of 28.594 shows the middle-aged Eastern Europeans.

Those who drink at least 80 grams of alcohol on one occasion, at least once a month, are about half inch larger around the waist than those who drink the same amount for a week.

How much does 80 grams of alcohol cost? You can get on this:

  • A bottle of wine (70 grams of alcohol)
  • A pack of six beer pack (84 grams of alcohol)
  • Six photos of 1.5 ounces of 80-proof spirits (84 grams of alcohol)

Men and women who drank mainly beer were no more likely to have big bellies than those who drank wine or spirits.

The study, led by Martin Bobak of University College, found no link between drinking and body weight in men, and found only a small drink effect on women's weight.

Similarly, compulsion drinkers were not necessarily heavier than those who did nothing - they just had more belly fat.

But this may have important health consequences.

"Abdominal obesity is an important risk factor for diabetes and for cardiovascular disease," says Bobak in a news version. "The discovery that the compulsary beverage is related to abdominal obesity is therefore important for our understanding of the connection between heavy drinking and these diseases."

Bobak reported the discoveries at this week's annual meeting of the European Cardiology Society held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

That's A Binge Belly, Not A Beer Belly

Showing what my "binge belly" looks like-- ED Vlog Part 2 - Tea For Belly Fat Loss

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