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The Skinny On Fat Versus Fillers - Fast Weight Loss 2 Weeks

Patients entering surgery to make them look younger, will often ask about fat injections.

There has been a lot of attention in the press on fat injections as a way to fill the grooves and depressions around the face. The areas most commonly affected by aging are around the mouth and lips. There are nasolabial wrinkles, alongside that it looks like parentheses, which extends from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Then there are the marionette lines, also a little parenthetic and parallel, running from the corners of the lower lip to the chin.

Another area that often tends to shrink and flat is the bone area of ​​the cheek, especially toward the nose under the eye. Finally, the area that shows empty with the increase of age is below the bone of the cheek in the mid-face area.

What are the options? Today, we have more than ever. First, there is fat graft. It starts with the liposuction of the abdomen or on the buttocks. Filter, prepared, and then injected into the shrinkage areas. In the excellent and experienced and highly specialized hands, fat injections can be successful. The alternative is to fill with man-made fillings. This would include Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Artefill and Sculptra.

Now, Radiesse and Juvederm are very similar - each of them is composed of hyaluronic acid - a natural occurrence substance in human bone cartilage and skin. The product is bio-engineering in the laboratory and is considered pure and free of any possible phenomenon of rejection. Complications of these injections are very, very rare. A unique property of Juvederm and Restylane, being hyaluronic acid, is that in case of over-injection, which can be dissolved using an enzyme called Hyaluronidase.

While Restylane and Juvederm to have a relatively short life inside the tissues, typically 4-6 months or a little more, some of the other products are designed to last longer. I have seen good sculptra injection results made five years earlier.

So, what about this competition between fat injections and what do I want to cluster like "fat-free" injections? Non-fat injections, which are made of laboratory, allow a great advantage to the extent that when the injections of taking place can be seen. Now sculptra is a bit of an exception because it takes several months to the body to make a new collagen and capitalize on the presence of sculptra. Other products make an immediate and visible improvement. This is a huge advantage because the patient begins to make a decision when he / she is happy with the amount of filling. In addition, you can fill out a moderate amount and see how it gets in a few weeks, and back and "top off". There is no need to drill the body to get this as there are with fat injections.

Winstrol Fat Loss - The Skinny On Fat Versus Fillers

Winstrol Fat Loss
The concept of "testing the waters" with non-permanent, restile and Judevier hyaluronic products, almost as a "demonstration". Its immediate effect and shortened longevity also allows the patient to decide quickly if they are satisfied with the results. If they do not see demonstrable improvement, and they do not feel it is a reasonable investment of their time and money, they can refrain from any other injection. There are saving of dollars there.

Now let's look at fat injections. I want to quote the recent discussion that occurred in the pages of an excellent cosmetic surgery magazine for surgeons, cosmetic surgery times. The publication interviewed two veteran cosmetic surgeons who faced fat injections. In the fat injection corner was J. William Little, MD, and in the "non-fat" injection corner was Valambros, MD.

I do not know Dr. little personally, but he enjoys an excellent national and internationally reputation. I know Dr. Lambros, and I have always admired the work he did, including his unique tracking of individual facial aging using medically consistent photographs. He has been a very good student of the subject from where his face ages, as he is anxious and like, for the eyes, signs of aging can be reversed.

Dr. Lambros made a very strong case for the unpredictability of fat injections. Frankly, I sit at this camp too. I have always seen unpredictability as the main disadvantage of fat injections. It does not mean that you can not have a spectacular result, but it would take a very experienced practitioner and a bit of "good morning". Remember, not all professionals are experienced enough to have a long way from patient's observations and Dr. Lambros referred to that. I selected certain comments quotes from it because I think they are very on the point.

"Injected fat can grow. This will be the biggest long-term fat with fat." Dr. Lambros continues to mention that, in fact, "injected fat can not be removed. So you have the question of symmetry. The surgeon can inject equal amounts into both cheeks, but perhaps part of the fat will take on one side and the other was that, in fact, due to a variety of anatomical factors, fat takes better on younger people. But, it's older people who need fat more because the cavity of the face is a aging function ".

In addition, Dr. Lambros agreed with my observation that it takes a little experience and, what he calls, "Finesse" and "aesthetic sensitivities." Although these are commendable and important characteristics in the cosmetic surgeon, we have to admit that not everyone will have it. If so, this is negative.

Young surgeons are always taken with technology. In fact, it is a bit more exciting to reap the fat, treat it and inject it. It is more mechanical, more surgical than the mere injection of a syringe full of non-fat filling, such as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra or Artefil.

I feel that there will always be a difference in opinion because cosmetic surgery is an art. Each practitioner must develop ease with these techniques and procedures he considers more successful and with which he is more comfortable.

For the patient, the only thing that counts? Results.

The Skinny On Fat Versus Fillers

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