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Trimming the Fat in Philly

Mayor John Street of Philadelphia emerges from the basement of his red brick Rowhouse dressed in a sweating red sweat sweater and gray sweat pants, his glasses hanging around his neck . It's the breakthrough of the dawn, and the mayor has just finished its daily workout.

"I do a lot of exercise," he says, which he puts gently. He reaches his gym at home five days a week for two hours at a time. In his basement, he has a treadmill, a stationary bicycle, a leg press, a universal gymnastics system and free weights. As part of your routine, it turns through four lower body exercises and some representatives of the arm and the chest. But he likes to run and ride a bike more.

Before hurting the foot last year, the street ran an average of 20 miles per week and cyclized another 40 miles. He currently pedals 100 miles per week. He manages four marathons and regularly participates in bicycle rides, such as the 68 mile ride from American Cancer Society.

is a standard of committed daily exercise that he began 33 years ago - when he was in the early 1920s and weighed more than 260 pounds in 5 '9 "high.

Pilates For Fat Loss - Trimming the Fat in Philly

Pilates For Fat Loss
Smart street "I was as big as a house," reminds Mayor Street. "I could not fit in a size 52 suit.I was very big, and I knew it. I was worried about what would happen in 25 years. I believed that I would continue to gain weight as it aged, and the quality of my life would diminish or I would die. I did not think it could survive the way I wanted to carry all that weight. "

So he decided to do something about it and began what would be a lifetime exercise and a healthy food program. Back on the days when people who exercised and watched their diets were ridiculed as "health nuts", long before someone hears the famous food pyramid, street was working and cutting fried foods from his menu, replacing them with Roasted, roasted, or steam versions.

"I probably eat six to 12 pieces of fruit a day," says the mayor, who does not participate in any of the famous Foods of Philadelphia - cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and tastykakes. "I do not eat red meat, pork or seafood. My three favorite fish are salmon, swordfish and tuna. I passed 260 pounds to 180 pounds. This is very weight."

Today the mayor weighs in 195 pounds. The extra brake came 13 years ago when he was elected to the city council of Philadelphia, and the long hours required by the work convinced him to add some weight to his picture.

"I think there is no more person in shape in this city," he said shortly after being elected mayor in 2000. "I drink a liter of water when I get up. I developed a health and fitness approach that work for me. "

The results say it is right. He looks younger than his 58-year-old chronological age, and his compact body is solid, but trimming.

Trimming The Fat In Philly

a stress-buster as mayor, street days are not shorter or easier. It is awake every morning at 4:00, a setback for your childhood when he lived on a farm and had to get up early to do tasks. At 4:30, he's in the basement, sweating.

Unlike its predecessor in the office, which worked in a health club near the city hall, Rua says he prefers the quiet and uninterrupted solitude of his home.

"It takes a long time for me to do this - and people want to talk to you," he says. "When I get ready to find out, I want to work out. I try to do it during the moments when it's convenient. Standing up and doing the first thing in the morning helps me with my day."

Exercise also helps the street deal with the pressures that come with the largest cities in America.

Exercise is just an absolute stress-buster, "he says." I could not imagine what life would be like if I did not exercise. I think most people totally undermine stress havoc. "

City of fraternal love handles? Getting the word in the benefits of exercise has become something of a cause for the mayor of Philadelphia. Shortly after the male fitness magazine called the city of fraternal love, the fatter in the nation, Chimed Street in a solution.

"I always knew that we in this city have a propensity to be overweight and out of shape," he says. "You do not have to be a rocket scientist to find out." I think it's a crisis. "

The mayor quotes statistics that say that 100,000 philadelic are diabetics and another 300,000 suffer from hypertension. In total, a quarter of city taxpayers are overweight.

to combat the problem, the street named a fitness tsar to help Philadelphia lose his FLAC - and he started a program called 76 tons in 76 days, a joint effort with the professional basketball team Philadelphia 76ers challenging the city's residents to lose a collective 76 tons of weight in just under 11 weeks.

Philadelicians are being encouraged to participate in groups that weigh and diet together. So far, more than 20,000 people have signed up. The clerk will weigh on July 3.

"What we are trying to do here is to say there is a better way," says Street. "We're not telling people you can not go to restaurants - I love restaurants. We're not telling people you can not have dessert - I love dessert. We're not telling people to run marathons every year. Our message is just to exercise. "

to the street the answer can be as simple as cut fatty foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, and taking a daily walk.

"I believe we can do better," he says. "The results of the modest lifestyle changes we advocate will produce huge benefits for the city and the people who sign up for the programs. People know that this is the right thing to do. If we persist and have fun, let's get dozens of Thousands of people involved in a healthy lifestyle. "

That is certainly something for the rest of America from overweight to chew.

Bob Calandra is a freelancer writer whose work appeared in several magazines, including people and life. He lives in Glenside, Penn.

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