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What to Know About Birth Control and Anxiety - Fat Loss Vitamin

Many women in the United States use hormonal birth control at some time in their life to avoid pregnancy. Some people find that extra hormones in their body of birth control can lead to changes in their humor, which can make you feel more anxious.

There is still much doctors do not know about birth control and as it refers to anxiety. But limited research shows that there could be a link between anxiety and birth control - may not only be because of hormones.

Birth Control That Cause Weight Loss - What to Know About Birth Control and Anxiety

Birth Control That Cause Weight Loss
How hormonal birth control works

Birth control pills that use estrogen and progestin will affect the hormones of your body. Your body makes estrogen, while progestin is an artificial version of the progesterone hormone, which your body does too.

To keep your body of a real pregnancy, these pills copy what your body would do if you were pregnant. When you conceive, your body releases different levels of estrogen and progesterone. This happens similarly when you give your body these hormones through the birth control pill.

estrogen and progestin will stop or slow the ovulation (when your ovary releases an egg). They will also make the mucus in your cervix to stop sperm, and make the coating of the uterus fine so that your ovum is less likely to deploy. All these things will help keep you from a unplanned pregnancy.

What To Know About Birth Control And Anxiety

Hormones and anxiety

Lowest levels of estrogen can make you feel distressed. Women are at the highest risk of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms when their body's estrogen levels are low during the menstrual cycle.

But even though these hormones have a link to mental health, researchers are not sure whether they are the hormones in birth control that cause anxiety. Several studies did not show connection between hormone levels and emotional women responses.

Some doctors think that women show anxiety signs when they are in hormonal birth control because of the mental reaction to the use of pills or devices to prevent pregnancy. They suggest that preventing pregnancy from alone can cause women to be anxious, even with non-hormonal birth control.

Dealing with anxiety When you are in birth control

There is still enough information to explain completely why some women receive anxiety while in the hormone birth control. But if it is due to hormones, or simply because of your body's natural response to a drug that avoids pregnancy, there are ways to help relieve your anxiety:

  • Eating healthy. Make sure you do not forget to eat all meals. Try to keep your meals balanced and nutritious. Clipping alcohol or caffeine if you think they can make it more anxious.
  • Sleep. Lack of sleep will make your anxiety worse. Be well rested so that you feel invigorated the next day.
  • Pause. Go for a walk, read, listen to music or breathe deeply. Small intervals will help you feel focused and calm.
  • Break a sweat. Even if you have a busy day, a small training can boost your mood.
  • Stay busy. A good timeline will help you focus on other things beyond your anxiety.

Remember that it is normal to have changes in your emotions. Your anxiety and mental state will change throughout your life. If you think it's too much to deal with, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor about options that can help you deal with anxiety.

- Birth Control That Cause Weight Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet