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Widely Used Supplement Doesn't Stop Bone Loss - Best Intermittent Fasting Schedule For Fat Loss

Many women in U.S. And around the world are using IPriflavone nutritional supplement, hoping it will prevent or limit bone loss that often occurs after menopause. Apparently, those were lost, apparently, according to a study in the latest Journal of the American Medical Association, which discovers that IPriflavone has no effect on bone density than a placebo.

"ipriflavone was approved in Japan and in many European countries, and has been used for a long time" co-author CLAUS CHRISTIANSEN, MD, PHD, Tell WebMD. "Unfortunately we can not find any beneficial effect on everything." Christiansen is a professor at the University of Copenhagen and CEO of the Clinical and Basic Research Center in Ballerup, Denmark.

ipriflavone is a synthetic isoflavone derivative, widely sold as a nutritional supplement in the natural isoflavones of U.S. are found in soy products - and to some extent in peas, beans and other legumes.

Preliminary studies in animals, and some small studies in women have suggested that ipriflavones could limit bone loss in postmenopausal women. The current study, which was higher and lasted three years, did not find a difference in bone loss or biochemical indicators of bone metabolism among women who took ipriflavones and those who took an inactive placebo treatment.

Norepinephrine Supplement For Fat Loss - Widely Used Supplement Doesn't Stop Bone Loss

Norepinephrine Supplement For Fat Loss
In addition, a significant percentage of women who participated in the study showed a decrease in certain white blood cells, although half of them had returned to normal within a year. White blood cells help fight infection.

"I always tell my patients who alternative therapies need to be kept in the same scrutiny as standard pharmaceutical, Stuart Weinerman, MD, says WebMD." Patients have taken ipriflavone based on very small preliminary studies. Now we have good data from a scientifically controlled, randomized and randomized study, showing that it does not work. "Weinerman is director of the metabolic bone disease program at the North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY

" while the new study is very suggestive, its statistical power Not overwhelming, "says Paul A. Gluck, MD." This research raises questions about the utility of ipriflavone, but do not totally refute it. They looked at women who had already experienced bone loss, and they could have seen different results if they analyzed a possible preventive effect on younger women. "

Gluck is President of the Council of the Baptist Foundation of the Health System and Associate Clinical Professor of OB-GYN of the University of Miami School of Medicine.

the Cristiansen disagree.

"I think this study should be enough to stop treatment with ipriflavone all over the world, says Christiansen." Longer studies are not required, as the data is so clear: there is no effect on bone density. "

both Weinerman and Gluck recommend that before all postmenopausal woman should receive an adequate calcium exercise, vitamin D and weight." Women Postmenopausics that use hormone replacement therapy should get 1,200 mg calcium per day, while those who do not ... must get 1,500 mg calcium, "says Gluck.

Women who are concerned about osteoporosis and are not using hormone replacement therapy should obtain a bone mineral density test to see if they are at risk. Weinerman recommends that women who have preliminary signs of bone loss with Base in this test discuss options available with your doctors.

Widely Used Supplement Doesn't Stop Bone Loss

"This means revisiting the issue of hormone replacement therapy and considering phosomax and eviver medications," he says.

The study was funded by Cheisi Farmaceutici Spa de Parma, Italy, which manufactures ipriflavone.

- Norepinephrine Supplement For Fat Loss

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