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24 Hours of Fat Burning From Exercise?

Many of us go through a difficult workout, thinking about fat burning that will occur during exercise and next 24 hours or more.

After all, this is the widely maintained belief: regular training transform us into extraordinary fat burners.

No at least not for moderate intensity exercises, according to Edward Melanson, PhD, associate professor of medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver, who presented his research at the annual meeting of the American College of American Sports Medicine in Seattle. The study is published in revisions of exercises and sports sciences.

"The exercise of moderate duration of one hour or less has little impact on 24-hour fat oxidation," concludes Melanson.

Most of the studies looking at the fat burning associated with the exercise were short-term studies - covering only a few hours - who looked at people who had not eaten, he says. Melanson's team has evaluated people in a more true scenario for life, following them for a period of 24 hours during which they exercised and ate or do not exercise.

"It's not this exercise does not burn fat," says Melanson. "It's just that we replace the calories."

"Exercise increases the ability to burn more fat," he says. But if you replace these calories, this is lost. "

The discoveries should not discourage people from exercise, Melanson says, but inspire them to become more realistic about "calories in calories" - and spend more than they are trying to lose weight and body fat.

Fat Loss Cardio Workouts - 24 Hours of Fat Burning From Exercise?

Fat Loss Cardio Workouts
Exercise and fat burning The Melanson team evaluated the fat burning in 10 skinny participants, trained with resistance, 10 thin, but not trained paeoplas, and eight untrained and obese people during the conditions of exercise and sedentary conditions.

Participants were fed with a diet that was 20% fat, 65% carbohydrates and 15% protein for three days before each session and on the day they exercised or do not exercise. On exercise day, participants surround a stationary bicycle to a moderate intensity for an hour, burning about 400 calories.

When Melanson's team measured calorie expenses, they were larger in each group when they exercised in comparison when not, not surprisingly.

24 Hours Of Fat Burning From Exercise?

But they found that carbohydrate burning, not fat, seemed to increase in the 24-hour period after exercise.

In the magazine report, Melanson reports additional fat burning studies, including one that compared seven men from 60 to 75 years with seven other men from 20 to 30 years without fat burning differences between groups for 24 hours After exercise. No exercise.

Why do not we make long-term fat burners after a good workout? The most likely reason we ate. And what we eat affects fat burning.

For example, eating only 240 carbohydrate calories during time before exercise can reduce fat burning during exercise, and fat burning impulse during exercise can be "blurred" for up to six hours after Eating a meal, says Melanson, quoting other searches.

To keep your low body fat, resistance trained exercisers can simply eat less fat than usually burn, it says.

fat burning: the calories count

Study discoveries are "dissipating the myth you can create a fat burning situation 24 hours after exercise," says Pete McCall, a physiologist for exercises and spokesman for the American Council of Exercise.

But, he tells WebMD, the discoveries were limited to exercisers who have exercised moderate intensity and for an hour or less. "These results may not apply to different forms of exercise or exercise of greater intensity," says McCall.

Still, it says, search results can be a crucial call. "The point of this study, I think, it is [that] he is trying to take the people of this mentality:" I just worked and I can eat whatever you want ". At least for people who try to lose weight, McCall says, this certainly is not Truth.

Melanson says that the take-home message of your search depends on whether you are trying to lose weight or just keep. "If you are using exercise to lose body weight or body fat, you have to consider how many calories you are spending and how many you are entering," he says. The goal is a negative fat balance.

"If your body mass index is below 25 years, you should not worry about losing more body fat," he says.

- Fat Loss Cardio Workouts

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