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‘Active’ Video Games Burn Calories - Metformin Doses For Weight Loss

Children who play activity-oriented video games are getting enough exercise, a new study shows.

Computer video and games is a popular pastime for school-age children, but these activities were forged with criticism. Research has shown that children who play video games sitting by large amounts of time have an increased risk of obesity.

"Active" Game systems can help combat this problem. Such entertainment systems allow players to become part of the game. For example, a activity-oriented videogame can virtually put someone in a tennis match and allow the person to rock in a ball. Body movements are required for the game to work.

Researchers report in this month's edition of pediatrics files

Diet 1500 Calories - 'Active' Video Games Burn Calories

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The study involved 18 children aged 6 to 12 years. The kids rested for five minutes before the games session. They started with a computer bowling game sitting, followed by an active bowling game and then a game of action / race. The children played every game for five minutes, and they rested for the same amount of time between the two action games.

thumbs thumbs burn some calories. Playing any kind of video game burned more calories than to rest.

Adding activity to a seated video game, increased the number of burned calories. Children burned 0.6 more calories per minute playing active bowling than the game of bowling sitting and 3.9 more calories per minute playing on the action rug. Their cardiac rates were also significantly higher during active games than during rest. Children showed another 20 beats per minute during the active bowling session and 79 more beats per minute on the XVIX J-carpet.

Study authors say their results show that the two active game formats result in "significant energy expenses" compared to traditional seated video games.

"Preventing weight gain requires a power adjustment of approximately 150 kilocalia [calories] per day. The four-fold increase in energy expenses by reproducing in Xavix J-MAT filled the proposed energy difference if this game It was played for 35 minutes a day - Researchers write in a news version.

Researchers encourage additional searches to determine if active games can lead to "sustainable increases in childhood physical activity". / p>

'Active' Video Games Burn Calories

- Diet 1500 Calories

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet