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Best Scales Weight Loss : Skinny or Not, How to Look Hot at the Beach

It would not only be swell if our weight control goals always coincided with our real-life schedules, so that only as seasons of bathing suit rolled, would we be the perfect size? Unfortunately, it hardly works that way!

Try how we can get in shape before having to reveal our bodies to the world (or at least our neighbors at the local pool party), it looks like there are always a few more pounds to lose, jiggly thighs to squeeze, and arms Tons - Not to mention a psyche in need of some serious reinforcement to take us through shopping of swimsuit.

If this sounds familiar, do not despair. Experts such as Fitness Image Consultant Lisa Avellino say that with a little creative energy you can turn planning per day on the beach in a day at the beach! The goal, they say, is to accentuate their positives, beginning to select the right bathing suit for your body type.

Best Beach Body Workout For Fat Loss - Skinny or Not, How to Look Hot at the Beach

Best Beach Body Workout For Fat Loss
Selecting a swimsuit

If, for example, carry weight in the lower half - if you are "pear" in shape - look for a suit that is a solid color from the waist down, with a print, a bold color block, or a pleated At the top, to draw the eye up.

Another key element is proportional, says Avellino. By balancing the upper half of the body with the lower half, you can give your figure a more proportional appearance.

"If you are high-heavy, find a bathing suit that draws attention to the hip area. If your body type is straight (without a waist defined), find a suit that has a pattern on the bust And in the hip area with a solid in the middle - again, drawing the eye to the areas you feel confident, "Avellino tells WebMD. One of the favorite silhouettes of this season's beach is the Suit of the Necklete Cabresto in V, a style that fashion experts say they can bring the best in almost any kind of figure.

"a neck v, even a little smaller than you think is appropriate, really catches attention up to your face, to your chest and for your neckline - and that's what people see first What's more, "says Dannielle Romano, editor-to-big editor for, the best online style in style. "Almost anyone can withdraw the appearance."

Skinny Or Not, How To Look Hot At The Beach

What can also help: get a suit with wide support. Today, it is easier than you think. Romano says.

"There is an incredible technology swimsuit construction now," she says. "You can get a suit that pulls you in all the right places, for a very reasonable price. You just need to take time to look and try to find what is right for your body."

Check out the suit bra insert and go for the best support you can find. The better the support in this area, the better your interfédio, waist and hips look also says the expert in intimate apparel design design.

"If the top half of your body is well supported, your entire shape looks better. Your appearance is raised when the bust is raised properly," says Wong, president assistant of fashion design apparel department store in New York . Fashion Institute of Technology.

Also important, she says, is fighting to size. While this may seem simple enough, Wong says that wearing clothes that do not fit properly is one of the largest women Faux PAS.

"What many of us do not realize is that our regular size clothes is really just a guideline or a starting point when shopping for a bathing suit and not the definitive way to select a suit," Wong tells WebMD.

Because a swimsuit fits completely than the clothes, try not only with different styles, but also different sizes, to find your best look, Wong suggests.

"Find the swimsuit that you like in the size you think you are, but before going to the dressing room also gets the same suit a smaller size and a larger size, and try all three before deciding if it is right or wrong for you, "says Wong.

Many women, she says, we were surprised at how much better swimsuit looks when simply change sizes.

Confidence building beachwear

When it comes to summer style, most of us associate the word "beach" with swimsuits. But fashionable experts say that, as in life, then go to the beach: accessories can save the day.

"You have to think about a day on the beach as if any other event did for lunch or for a party - and remember, it's not just about the bathing suit, it's about all the look, and pulling together a Coordinated image, "says Roman.

Your choices for beach accessories include a large and brightly colored bag, some "organic" jewelry on natural stones - particularly ¬ earrings and, definitely, a brightly colored hat.

"If I had to choose only one accessory to the beach, it would be a hat. Not only does it immediately the eye up to the face, but can add color and style - more protect you from the sun - and this is a great Combination, "says Romano.

Another favorite, she says it's the Sandal Espadrille wedge. "You can lengthen your leg and give you this elevator, without making it look like you're trying too much," says Romano. "You do not want to wear high heels on the beach, but an espadrille is just sporty enough to make it work."

When it comes to choosing an elegant beach cover up, Wong says many women bow for styles with many tissues, to "cover up" what they do not like. This, she says, is another beach fashion mistake.

"Do not think of a beach cover as a way to hide your body. Think of it as a fashion statement, and try to avoid the" tent "look because it will only make you look bigger," she says.

If her fashion style is eclectic or sophisticated, Wong says, try a hip-thrown sarong in an impression that coordinates with your swimsuit. For those who want ultra-chic style with maximum coverage, don a pareo slinky (a sarong type wrap that can cover it bust for midcalf) in the minute you get out of the water.

grooming the body of the beach

When it comes to boosting the trust of the beach body, maybe nothing does it better than some super summer supermarket. From pedicures to manicures, leg hair removal to artificial tans, small things can go a long way to polish your image - and improve the way you look and feel in almost any style of swimsuit.

- Best Beach Body Workout For Fat Loss

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