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Diet 7 Hari : Is Cereal Good for You?

I've been on a kick lately cereals. A bowl of "O's" simple with a handful of fresh berries has been my will, something I look forward to every morning. I'm not the only finding comfort in cereal now: Cereal sales jumped when the pandemic began.

There's a lot to love for grain: it is affordable. It is stable shelf. And fortified types deliver nutrients such as vitamins D and B12 that many adults are missing. But some people have concerns about cereal (pre-pandemic, cereal sales took a nose). So here are answers to common questions, plus a quick shopping guide:

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. The cereal contains pesticides?

There have been many headlines about the killer glyphosate weeds in cereal from oats, thanks to an Environmental Working Group report (EWG). The EWG set their own security threshold (much smaller than the government) and claims their tests show unsafe levels of glyphosate in many cereals from oats. But even the EWG says the risk is long-term exposure, so I certainly vary the types of cereal (and types of breakfast) that I like.

. What about preservatives?

Many cereals contain a preservative, either in grain or packaging, to keep it more longer. Any animal research showed an increased risk of developing tumors BHT commonly used (butylated hydroxytoluene). But other studies find that BHT acts as an antioxidant and reduces the risk of cancer. If you choose to avoid the BHT, you can easily find varieties without it. Some types use vitamin E (which may be listed as "mixed tcoferols") as a preservative.

. The cereal is processed too?

. There is research showing that a diet high in foods "ultraprocados" like biscuits, chicken nuggets, soft drinks, chips and sugary cereals - may the risk of cancer and early death. But some cereals contain only a few simple ingredients, so choose those most often (but in my house, high sugar cereal "treat" are ok occasionally too!).

. What about protein?

Some people avoid cereals in favor of high-protein breakfast like eggs. Okay, but keep in mind that a typical bowl of cereal with milk contains protein. My breakfast "The" package of about 9 grams. You can add more sprinkling of chopped nuts or seeds (and make sure to use dairy milk, soy or protein, provided the almond milk and rice contains very little protein).

Best Cereal Weight Loss - Is Cereal Good for You?

Best Cereal Weight Loss

. How to choose a cereal

The cereal corridor can be overwhelming, so here are some guidelines to use when comparing boxes:

High fiber: Look at at least 3-5 grams of fiber per portion. Most adults get about half the fiber they need every day, and the cereal is an easy way to get more. Fiber also makes your bowl more filling.

Whole grains: a high diet in whole grains can help protect you from heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Look for the word "entire" in the first ingredient, such as whole oats or whole wheat or a whole grain as brown rice.

Low sugar: Look for grams of a digit sugar, and the smaller, the better. If you choose without sugar, you can sweeten yourself (even sprinkling of a half teaspoon of sugar on top adds only 2 grams of sugar!), Mix with a sweetened cereal, or put fresh or frozen fruits in your bowl As I do, to add natural sweetness.

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Is Cereal Good For You?

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