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Does Metformin Cause Weight Loss?

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, metformin may be the first medication your doctor recommended. Research has discovered that helps with blood sugar control and helps the body to use their own better insulin.

Studies also showed that many people who take the drug losing some weight. This is different from many other diabetes drugs, some of which cause weight gain. It is a reason why metformin helps prevent diabetes in people with overweight and at risk of type 2. diabetes but the medication is not considered a weight loss pill.

How Does Faster Way To Fat Loss Work - Does Metformin Cause Weight Loss?

How Does Faster Way To Fat Loss Work
How Metformin works

Metformin starts working on your gut. Some scientists think that changes the balance of natural bacteria in their digestive system. It also becomes specific enzymes that help the body to use fat more effectively.

Scientists are also trying to understand how metformin leads to weight loss. Because it changes intestinal bacteria, digestive issues are common side effects. Thus, an initial theory was that the pain of the stomach caused people to lose their appetite and eat less, or who lost the weight of diarrhea water. But most of these side effects disappears in a few weeks. People who lost weight on metformin continued to lose pounds after that time.

Does Metformin Cause Weight Loss?

A more likely explanation is that metformin changes in intestinal appetite. It can raise the levels of the hormonal leptin body, which makes you feel full. As your appetite is not working overtime, you eat less.

The weight you lose in the drug comes mainly from fat stores, not the mixture of fat and skinny muscle that happens with the diet. People in metformin also saw lower waist measurements and hip waist ratios, two ways to measure body fat.

is metformin an effective weight loss pill?

No. The amount of weight you will probably lose is low. In a diabetes prevention study, 29% of people lost 5% or more of their body weight and only 8% lost about 10%. On average, this was about 5 pounds. This may be enough to start improving your health, but not enough to make a big impact if you are overweight. Metformin will not make a difference to someone who needs to lose 30 pounds or more, for example.

This study also included a group of people who have made diet and exercise changes rather than take the drug. Of the 29% who lost weight on metformin, then half remained for the next 14 years, but almost half of the people who lost the same amount of weight with diet and exercise. Thus, the success rate of long-term weight loss for metformin is not very different than for lifestyle changes, which have other health benefits, how to improve the health of your heart.

So metformin is a drug to treat or delay diabetes, not to lose weight. It is best to think of any pound that you spill as a happy side effect. In addition, metformin is not a substitute for healthy eating and regular exercise. In fact, experts recommend that anyone who starts medication make the two changes at the same time.

- How Does Faster Way To Fat Loss Work

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