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Extreme Overeating Linked to Faulty Reward Circuits in Brain - Faster Way To Fat Loss Carb Cycling Schedule

Tastes of compulsive players and drug addicts, excesses can be a way people make up a faulty reward circuit in the brain.

using sophisticated image devices, researchers from the National Utton National Laboratory Report, N.Y. on February 3 Lancet that obese people have fewer brain receptors for a major brain chemist. Chemistry, dopamine stimulates the brain reward center to produce feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. Drug addicted people like cocaine or amphetamines also have poor dopamine circuits in their brains.

"Obese people share many behaviors extremely similar to those of drug addict - they have an inability to control food intake and an inability to control the desire that is similar to what we see in drug addiction", leader From the search team Nora D. Volkow, PhD, tells WebMD. "What we discovered was obese people - such as drug addicts - have a decline in dopamine receptors, which transmit signs of dopamine to the brain. [Our theory is] this perpetuates food consumption because foods increases dopamine release brain."

It is not yet known whether it is a cause or an effect of dopamine dysfunction. To answer this question, Volkow says that her team is currently performing a study before and then over obese patients undergoing a procedure called the stomach connection to restrict the size of the stomach.

For many years, it was thought that people who become drug addicted are more drug pleasure than normal people. The Volkow team suggested that exactly the opposite is true: addicts earn less drug pleasure and everything else. So drug abuse - and now maybe overeating - can be seen as a desperate and mistaken effort to compensate for abnormal brain function.

"Your brain motivates you activating the reward or aversive circuits," says Volkow. "Normally, you need these reward circuits to be enabled. If the reward systems are not activated, the [negative] signals prevail and feel anxious and distressed. Your brain is saying" Do something to get out of it ". That's why that some people take drugs. And the food can be another way to escape this state. Why some people choose food or drugs or gambling or sex involves many things - there must be cultural, developmental and emotional - but common components among them disruption of dopamine signaling. This leads to reducing sensitivity to reward paths, which makes people act in compulsive ways to overcome these feelings of dissatisfaction. "

Fat Loss Extreme - Extreme Overeating Linked to Faulty Reward Circuits in Brain

Fat Loss Extreme

amphetamines - now known to be dangerous drugs in which people can become dependent - originally used as diet helps. Now, you know that these drugs increased the brain levels of dopamine. Because increasing doses are required to maintain weight loss, such drugs can not be used to treat obesity without causing serious damage to a person's health.

So what's the answer? Although explanation for obesity can be new, the solution is the same: exercise.

"exercising you make the dopamine circuit more active," says Volkow. "Exercise has a direct effect on these same molecules that we find to be abnormal in obese people. Thus, exercise may be able to reduce weight not only burning calories, but also improving the dopamine routes to make these people more sensitive to rewarded by other things than food. "

Laurey R. Simkin-Silverman, PhD, is main investigator for the primary care weight control project at the Postgraduate School of Pittsburgh University. She says the idea of ​​eating too much as addiction may or may not be totally accurate - but she says the volkow solution is accurate.

Exercise is what is currently recommended for obesity because we know that it is one of the essential components of an effective weight control program, "says WebMD." The exercise also has a link to alleviate the Light depression. Exercise, food changes and behavioral modification are the three critical things ".

Extreme Overeating Linked To Faulty Reward Circuits In Brain

2-Minute Neuroscience: Reward System - Fat Loss Extreme

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