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Fish Oil Supplements: A Fish Tale or a Good Catch? - Water With Weight Loss

If you take a handful of supplements every morning, chances are fish oil are among them.

The overall value of the fish oil market exceeds US $ 4 billion by 2022. enthusiasts They say that it can help with the macular degeneration related to age, rheumatoid arthritis pain, high cholesterol, asthma, depression, ADHD, heart disease, and can even help you get beautiful hair.

If everything sounds good to be true, well, you know. ...

But before throwing off your fish oil like 3-day fish, get the facts. You can have some benefits for your heart, your joints and your brain. But there are warnings.

Good Supplements For Fat Loss - Fish Oil Supplements: A Fish Tale or a Good Catch?

Good Supplements For Fat Loss

Fish Oil Supplements: A Fish Tale Or A Good Catch?

Why mixed comments?

The first tests have shown that fish oil has helped the heart in many ways, but the researchers scratched heads when more recent studies did not have the same results.

"This may be because there are so many medications that are being used to treat high-risk patients. A very large percentage are in aspirin, statins, beta-blockers, ECA inhibitors, and this can obscure The role of a dietary supplement like omega-3, "says Joann Manson, MD, head of preventive medicine in Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

It may also be that the Westerners eat more fish today than once they did because they heard it's good for them, so a supplement would not help.

Different studies also use different doses of fish oil and formulations - be equal parts and EPA and DHA or heavier in one than the other.

Evidence for fish oil

If you have already had a heart attack or is at a high risk of having a ...

large prescription doses Pure EPA strength - not the kind you buy from the shelf at the pharmacy - can help the hearts of people who have certain conditions that make problems more likely. Lower prescription fish oils triglycerides - a type of fat circulating in the bloodstream. A recent study showed that 4 grams of pure EPA per day for 5 years have significantly reduced the risk of heart attack, stroke, deviation, chest pain and death of the sudden cardiac arrest during that time.

But it is worth noting that people who have seen these benefits have already had a series of heart-related health problems. Your LDL, or "bad", cholesterol and triglycerides were high, although they have taken lower cholesterol medications. They also had heart disease, or they had diabetes and at least another thing that made heart disease more likely.

for people who have never had a heart attack and run a normal risk of having one, says Manson, "it is unlikely that 4 grams per day were recommended. There is a threshold in which you would stop seeing the benefits. "

A similar study discovered that a prescription form of 1.8 grams of EPA per day, in addition to a cholesterol lowering medication, cut the chances of having heart attacks and other heart problems in people who They had high cholesterol. Many of them also had heart disease, diabetes and / or high blood pressure. Although 1.8 grams be much less epa than 4 grams, study participants, who were Japanese, already have more fish oil directly from fish in their regular diet than Westerners.

So exactly how much 1.8 grams of EPA? Remember the commercial of cereal that said "would you have to eat four raw bowls of raisins to get vitamin nutrition in a bowl of total?" Well, you would have to take 10 capsules - five portions - from an average supplement of balcony fish oil to get 1.8 grams of EPA. Want the full four grams? You will need to take about 22 capsules. And no one is recommending it. Studies that show benefits of high pure EPA doses of EPA prescription grade. Account supplements have other ingredients as well, and are not regulated and tested safely as prescription drugs approved by the FDA.

"Some people take multiple multiple capsules. But we do not know that this is safe," says Manson. "Unless it is under the guidance of a clinician, avoid mega-dosing."

If your heart is already well healthy ...

In lower doses, fish oil can help the hearts of people who are in good health. In a study of 25,871 adults with more than 50 years with an average risk of heart attack, those who took 1 grass of fish oil - containing 460 mg epa and 380 mg dha (just a little more than you can find in a dose OTC daily) - every day for 5 years had a risk of 28% for the heart attack during this period. But they did not have a lower risk of spill or death for heart disease. In fact, many studies aimed to prove smaller fish oil supplements lower risk of heart disease failed to do so.

If it is not your heart, you are worried about ...

In addition to heart health, researchers studied the effects of fish oil in many other conditions. But the benefits are clear in just a few of them. Fish oil can relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and decrease the need for pain drugs, but only a little, the research shows. And in people who have a risk greater than average to get Alzheimer's disease because they take the genetic mutation apoe ε4, high doses of DHA before the symptoms of the disease arise can have the condition less likely.

As for other conditions, the benefits of fish oil are non-existent or unclear.

Can not only eat fish?

Absolutely. The best way to get most nutrients, including omega-3, is your diet. In fact, several studies that do not show benefits of fish oil supplements show benefits of eating fish. For example, while fish oil supplements do not diminish the risk of heart disease, studies show that people who eat fish one to four times a week are less likely to die from heart disease than those who rarely or never do. Eating fish and seafood can cut risk of stroke and loss of memory and thought skills that can lead to dementia.


In addition, in studies that show benefits of fish oil supplements, these benefits may be less in people who already eat a lot of fish and more in people who do not receive enough fish.

"If there is a solid-solid reason for supplementing, then it is to fulfill nutrient deficits for people who do not consume enough fish," says Duffy Mackay, ND, which is senior vice president of the What is the bottom line for excess counter fish oil?

"fish oil is not a magic healing - all, but the fact that evidence is solid in a couple areas shows that it is an important nutrient," says Mackay.

If you are already taking fish oil in a recommended dose over-against, and you are doing well in this, there is no research this says you should stop. But do not take more than that. There are no evidence that is safe or useful.

If you are not taking fish oil, try to get it from your plate first. The American Heart Association recommends two portions - this is about 7 ounces - fish per week. Preferably, the greasy type that is rich in omega-3s.

If you want to start taking fish oil, talk to your doctor about side effects and any interactions you can have with medications you already take. The most common side effects, which 1% to 10% of people have, include belching, indigestion, nausea, swelling, belly ache, constipation, diarrhea, gas, acid reflux and vomiting. If you take the weakness of blood, reducing blood pressure medicines, contraceptives, orlistat weight loss drug (sold like alli and xenical), or vitamin E, talk to your doctor about interactions that can be dangerous before you start the fish oil.

Take Fish Oil Every Day for 20 Days, See How Your Body Changes - Good Supplements For Fat Loss

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