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If you are overweight, Grim Reaper is a few steps closer to your door. The closer? Now the terrible truth comes in numbers down to land.

Two independent studies Reckon the cost of being overweight. They put this cost not in dollars, but in years. Years, that is, of lost life.

"Large decreases in life expectancy were associated with overweight and obesity," write Peeters Anna, PhD and colleagues in the Dutch Research Group Nedcom, in the edition of anais of internal medicine.

"We have discovered that obesity has a profound effect on useful life," writing the researcher of Johns Hopkins, Kevin R. Fontaine, PhD and colleagues in the January 8 issue of the American Medical Association.

Who is affected? Two in every three US adults are overweight or obese, watch the researchers at Harvard Joanne E. Manson, MD, DPH, and Shari S. Bassuk, SCD, in a Jama editorial. They point out that being overweight causes more health problems than smoking, drinking problems or poverty.

Are you overweight? See how researchers - and national health institutes - define it. Normal weight means a body mass index or BMI of 18.5-24.9. Overweight means an IMC of 25-29.9. Obese means an IMC of 30 or more. If you do not know your BMI, click here to use the WebMD BMI calculator.

The Peeters team analyzed data from 3,457 Americans. The discoveries, compared to normal people who do not smoke:
  • people overweight at age 40 have lost three years of life.
  • Obese women at age 40 have lost seven years of life.
  • Obese men at age 40 have lost almost six years of life.
  • Obese smokers at 40 years lost 13 years if female and almost 14 years masculine.

a more scary statistic directs home the impact of too much weight. Compared to normal smokers, obese smokers died seven years earlier.

"Obesity in adulthood is a powerful death predictor in older ages," Peeters and colleagues write. "More efficient prevention and treatment should become high priorities in public health."

Fontaine team looked at two other large US data sets. Although they analyzed the data differently from the Peeters team, their findings are very equal:
  • The IMC track connected to the long service life is 23-25 ​​for whites and 23-30 for blacks.
  • The medium white man 20 years with an IMC of more than 45 will lose 13 years.
  • The average white woman 20 years old with an IMC of more than 45 will lose eight years.
  • A different image arises for blacks. Consistent reductions in useful life are not seen until blacks reach an IMC of 32-33 and black women reach an IMC of 37-38.
  • Young blacks, severely obese lost a maximum of 20 years of life if masculine and five years of life if female.

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Because African Americans have many demographic differences in US whites, findings do not say that being overweight has no health effects on black men and women.

Manson and Bassuk Note that, in addition to early death, be overweight places a person at risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and other medical problems.

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet