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How Fat Is Your City? - Forskolin Fat Loss Diet Side Effects

Get ready, America: Boys Boys in male fitness magazine launched their "fat fat" classifications for America's cities.

Big Loser this year: Detroit. The city of the engine vowed for the gording honor of his ranking No. 3 last year, beating last year's fat city, Houston, secondly.

And there are winners too. Honolulu keeps his title as the most suitable city in America. Meanwhile, Milwaukee and Charlotte moves from the "Top 25 Fattest" list for the "Top 25 FitTest" list.

Restoration Wellness Custom Fat Loss Reviews - How Fat Is Your City?

Restoration Wellness Custom Fat Loss Reviews

How Fat Is Your City?

What is fat, what is fit The editors of the magazine only looked at the 50 largest American cities according to the latest US Census Bureau statistics. Then they were rated in 14 categories:

  • Academies / Sporting Goods . The theory here: If you do not have the equipment, you will have a great rear. Cities were classified in the total number of gyms, health clubs, gyms and retail sports articles for 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Nutrition . Cities were classified in the percentage of residents to eat the recommended five or more daily portions of fruits and vegetables -. And on the number of natural product stores per 100,000 people
  • junk food . Cities lost points for the number of fast-food stores, pizzerias, ice cream shops and donut stores per 100,000 people.
  • Exercise / Sports . Cities were classified according to the total participation of 103 sports and physical activities.
  • Overweight / sedentary . Yes, the CDC actually has state numbers per state for the percentage of the population that is obese, overweight, and / or that does not exercise. Cities points lost for being in these states.
  • alcohol . Cities Points lost for the total number of bars per 100,000 people and state alcohol consumption.
  • tv . These Nielsen's reviews are not enough to say which shows are most popular. They also show that areas are getting the most of the chest-tube.
  • Air quality . Yes, air affects fitness. Cities points lost by days of ozone-alert.
  • Climate . It is not clear what a city can do about it, less than building a huge dome. But the cities lost points for days that were very cold, very hot, not very wet. They earned points for mild and sunny days.
  • geography . Access to outdoor recreation - forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, beaches, etc. - It was more for a city
  • .
  • Commute . YEP, Fitness Editors Figure of the man that, the longer you spend on traffic, the more stress you feel and the worst fitness you will have.
  • Parks / Open Space . Total park area, federal and state recreation areas, and open spaces for 10,000 people added points the city's fitness score.
  • Recreation installations . Set these public basketball courts, public swimming pools, public tennis courts, and, yes, public golf courses. It divides for 10,000 people and adding it the fitness score of a city.
  • Health care . The research ranked cities on access to health centers.
Fat to fit?

. Men's aptitude offers these tips for cities that want to leave the list of fat cities:

  • Make it easier for people to start working.
  • Improve air quality.
  • Offer employee benefits packages that help pay for the association to the health center.
  • Install the bike ranges. Add bicycles to public bus.
  • Support School Fitness and Nutrition Programs.
  • Have a local day without TV.
  • Promote city fitness events.
  • Partner with local restaurants, chambers of commerce and health clubs to offer people healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Invest in public parks and recreation facilities.
  • Support education classes for adults in healthy cuisine and exercise.
  • Develop shopping malls and pedestrian paths without cars for cycling, hiking and skating.
  • Treat the obesity epidemic as an urgent public health crisis.

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