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Man's Stubborn Belly Fat Actually A 30-Pound Tumor

Treadmill Workout For Belly Fat Loss - Man's Stubborn Belly Fat Actually A 30-Pound Tumor

testTreadmill Workout For Belly Fat Loss

Friday, What a young man of Jersey thought was stubborn belly fat turned out to be a 30-pound tumor.

Kevin Daly, 63, was encouraged by his physicians to lose weight after having submitted cardiac surgery for a calcified valve in December 2015. Over two years, he lost 34 pounds. But he could not pour his excess fat from the belly, according to People magazine.

Additional investigation revealed a massive tumor in your abdomen.

"I took a look at the pictures and immediately became very worried, given the size of this mass," said Dr. Julio Teixeria, Lenox Hill Hospital, told people. "I've seen tumors that are great, but not that size. Just the simple fact that something was able to grow this great shows that has evil behavior, so I was worried."

At the end of last year, Daly had surgery to remove the low-grade liposarcoma tumor. The doctors hoped they were 12 pounds and were surprised that it was actually 30 pounds.

"I feel tremendous," Daly said. "I had lost a huge amount of weight and already then I left the hospital weighing 172, and that was my weight of high school. Now I'm up to 187, which is my college weight. It's a very good feeling. made me feel 35 again. "

This case highlights the importance of people defending their health, according to Teixeria.

"It is important that people hear their bodies and are in tune with their bodies, because many times, their instincts are right," he told people. "If you have a sudden weight loss, or lack of appetite, or a loss of energy, or if you see an abnormal asymmetry with your body, these are things you should bring to your doctor's attention."

Man's Stubborn Belly Fat Actually A 30-Pound Tumor

- Treadmill Workout For Belly Fat Loss

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