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Pre-Run Stretch May Reduce Endurance - Best Nut For Weight Loss

Some runners swear by their pre-race stretch as a certain way of fire to run better and stronger and reduce their risk of injury in the process.

But according to a new study, the distance runners that extend before a race can also not work, and can spend more energy than the corridors that jump the stretch.

'' Overall, I do not think it's worth stretching before running, "Jacob M. Wilson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Science and Sports Studies of Tampa University, WebMD Account." After a run, if someone is trying to work on flexibility, fine.

Although its study has been done only in male runners who were young and highly trained, Wilson speculates that the findings apply to recreational corridors and women's corridors as well.

The study is published in the Journal of Force and Conditioning Research.

Best Time To Run For Fat Loss - Pre-Run Stretch May Reduce Endurance

Best Time To Run For Fat Loss
Stretching before a run: The study

Wilson evaluated 10 corridors, all men, with a mean age of 25 years. They were in good shape with a low percent body fat - just under 7% on average.

All corridors participated in a treadmill of 60 minutes racing in two different days separated for at least a week. Once, they reached for 16 minutes before running and another time they only sat silently for the same period.

The pre-race stretches were static - stretching a muscle for the maximum length and holding it - and included all the major muscle groups on the bottom of the body.

After stretching or session, the corridors rushed a 30-minute heating, then a 30-minute execution. Each time, the corridors were informed to run as far as possible during the performance part, but they could not see distance or speed in the treadmill display panel.

No stretching, the corridors had an average of 6 kilometers or 3.7 miles in half an hour running, Wilson tells WebMD. With stretching, they had an average of 5.8 km or 3.6 miles, a difference of 3.4%. When the difference looks small, you can add during a competitive event.

One of the reasons why elongation harms performance is probably causes muscle damage, "says Wilson, referring to lowercase, micro tears.

Previous search of others analyzed stretching and effects on vertical or vertical jump, says Wilson. "Ninety percent found declines in performance."

It says that "ours is one of the first to analyze the performance of stretching and endurance, and we saw decrements."

Stretching also resulted in a larger number of calories burned. When the corridors stretched before they run, they burned 425 calories, on average, during the heating race. When they did not stretch, they burned 405 calories on average.

Pre-Run Stretch May Reduce Endurance

Stretching and Performance

if stretching before running or is not "an individual choice," says Ryan Lamppa, a US race spokesman, which promotes the growth of the US operating industry. It has trained runners and is a hallway.


"I know the runners of all skills," he says. "Some extend regularly and some do not. Many, like me, extend after a race when the muscles are hot and flexible."

"This study reinforces what I heard in the sport at the top:" You do not see a cheetah stretch before the cat is put prey. ""

"This [study] is looking at a very select group of people," says Cathy Fieseler, MD, member of the Board of Directors of the American Athletic Association and a Veteran Marathoner and Ultra-Distance Runner. A doctor in Tyler, Texas, she noted that the men studied had a low level of body fat and were regular corridors. It says the discovery that the affected performance of pre-race affected in high-level athletes is plausible, but it is not sure if the discoveries apply to recreational or ancient corridors.

She also asks if the 16-minute elongation period made the most tired runners than the simply sitting pre-race session, and if this can have affected performance.

The research is clear, she says, in another aspect of stretching. "There is no study that says that a pre-race stretch reduces the risk of injury."

Your advice to resistance corridors? It usually does not recommend a stretch of pre-race, but sees the value of warming up. She tells the hallways: "Start easy, make a mile or two. If you're sweating, your muscles are heated. So you can pick up the rhythm."

'' The biggest thing is to get slow. "

5 Minute Warm Up You NEED before EVERY RUN (to Prevent Running Injuries) - Best Time To Run For Fat Loss

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