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Preeclampsia May Run in Families - Weight Loss From Running Before And After

Best Time To Run For Fat Loss - Preeclampsia May Run in Families

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The defective genetics can play a role in whether a pregnant woman develops or not pre-eclampsiapreeclampsia and could explain why the condition is performed in families, according to a report in the genetics of nature .

Pre-eclampsia is a potentially fatal condition marked by three specific symptoms: water retention (with swelling particularly on feet, legs and hands); high pressure; and protein in the urine, a sign of possible renal damage. All three symptoms should be present at the same time. The condition affects 2% to 7% of pregnancies. Its cause is misunderstood, but genetic susceptibility has been raised as a possibility.

Using genes sequencing techniques, consists of CESSES ODEJANS and colleagues analyzed families with two or more sisters affected by pre-eclampsia among women in Holland.

The condition is not inherited, but can affect multiple members within a family.

Analyzing the placental tissue, which is believed to be the source of pre-eclampsia symptoms, the researchers have found that most women with pre-eclampsia carry a malfunction variation of a particular gene. An identical malfunction gene was found among the affected sisters. Researchers also show that the gene seems to be inherited along the maternal lines.

The gene - STOX 1 - works on the placenta, the lining of the uterus. Researchers say that loss of function of this gene can lead to many of the complications observed in pre-eclampsia, such as liver abnormalities, anemia and blood coagulation problems.

pre-eclampsia is typically diagnosed in pregnant women passed by 20 weeks of pregnancy that have persistent high blood pressure (

Preeclampsia May Run In Families

- Best Time To Run For Fat Loss

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