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Smokers Have Rapid Aging Defect

The cigarette smoke makes the same cell defect seen in people with Werner syndrome. A rare genetic disease that makes people grow very fast

accelerates smoking the aging process, making smokers die about 10 years before time. Now researchers may have found a clue for this process by giving them new unexpected paths to treatment.

The track comes from the observation that smokers are not the only people who age very fast. In its 20 years, people with a rare genetic disease called Werner Syndrome get gray hair, thin skin, and hoarse voices.

They soon develop cataracts, diabetes, hardening of arteries and weak bones. In its 40 or 50 years, they tend to die of heart disease and cancer.

Smokers also grow prematurely and tend to die from heart disease and cancer. Could there be a call?

Yes, they say Iowa University researchers Toru Nyunoya, MD, and colleagues.

Werner syndrome is caused by a mutation in a gene called WRN. The gene causes the WRN protein that protects and DNA repair in all body cells.

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Nyunoya and colleagues collected pulmonary smoking cells with emphysema. For sure, the cells had little WR protein. Smoking WRN genes were normal, but something prevented him from doing enough WRN.

When researchers cultivate pulmonary cells in the laboratory, they found that the cigarette smoke extract decreased the production of cell WRN - and made age cells faster. The genetically designed cells to make a lot of WRN were not so strongly affected by the smoke extract.

"Our study can support efforts to smooth Werner syndrome protein for use in the development of treatments for smoking conditions, such as emphysema," Nyunoya said in a news release.

The discoveries appear in the February 6 issue of the American newspaper of respiratory and critical medicine.

Smokers Have Rapid Aging Defect

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet