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Strong Hips Build a Better Golf Swing

You may want to hit the gym before hitting the links if you want to improve your golf game. New research suggests that the strong hip muscles can make a big difference in your golf performance.

The study shows that golfers with strong hip muscles have lower disadvantages and longer driving distances than those with weak hip muscles.

The researchers say that the results demonstrate the importance of hip muscular strength in stabilization of trunk forces and balancing of body lower parts for arms during a golf swing to improve overall performance.

Fat Loss From Hips And Thighs - Strong Hips Build a Better Golf Swing

Fat Loss From Hips And Thighs
Tip: Strong hips make for a better golf game

In the study, presented recently at the Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Indianapolis, the researchers analyzed the difference between hip force and golf handicap (how many pairs on pair normally dots in a round of golf) Between hip strength and self-report conduction distance (how far they reach the ball in a single swing).

The researchers studied the strength of the hip muscles that move their legs away from the center of the body (hip adduction and abduction force, respectively).

The study showed hip abduction strength was significantly higher in better golfers. In addition, all hip movements tend to be stronger at the best golfers who had the lowest disadvantages and long driving distances.

To strengthen hip muscles, do the sequestration exercise:

  • Lying on your side with the hips stacked on top of the other, the head resting on the arm or resting in your hand.
  • Take the legs about 45 degrees in front of you for balance.
  • Lift the top of the lower leg over an inch. Hold it parallel and flex the foot (from the feet pointed forward, not up.)
  • Lift slowly and lower the upper leg without touching the other leg between repetitions between repetitions.
  • Make 10-15 repetitions, taking care not to rock forward or backing up your stacked hip position. Alternative legs and repeat.
  • "The hip muscles play an important role in the balance of the forces transferred between the lower body and the upper ends during the golf swing", write the researcher Yung-Shen Tsai, the University of Pittsburgh and colleagues. "The strongest hip muscles can provide better stability of the trunk which, in turn, can be related to the best golf performance."

    Sources: Tsai, Y. "The relationship between hip muscle strength and golf performance", presented at the American College of Sports Medicine 51st Annual, Indianapolis, 2 to 5 June 2004. Medical Center of the University of Pittsburgh. WebMD feature: "Shaping your butt and thighs".

    Strong Hips Build A Better Golf Swing

    - Fat Loss From Hips And Thighs

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    the smoothie diet
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