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Weight Loss Cuts Gout Risk

Lose weight is the best way to avoid gout, drop, a new important study shows.

obesity is known for being a risk factor for gout - but now it seems to be much more important than previously thought.

Massachusetts General Hospital Researcher Hyon K. Choi, MD, DPH and colleagues collected data on more than 47,000 middle-aged men for 12 years. The more weight men won, the greater the risk of gout. But throughout the study, those who lost weight cut their risk of gout.

"weight loss greater than 10 pounds since the 1986 study baseline was associated with a substantially reduced risk of gout," Choi and colleagues report. "Our study is the first to document this important potential benefit of weight loss."

The findings appear in the April 11 edition of the files of internal medicine.

Weight Loss Workout Plan At Gym - Weight Loss Cuts Gout Risk

Weight Loss Workout Plan At Gym
more pounds, more risk of gout

drop attacks when there is too much uric acid in the body. This makes the joints fill with crystals of uric acid. Joints swell and are very painful. Attacks usually disappear in a few days, but return more frequently and severely, if not treated. Drop is more common in men, and usually strike during middle-aged.

Drink alcoholic beverages is poor for drop because it increases the production of uric acid and slows down your elimination. Foods rich in substances called purines - especially those found in some meats and seafood - also contribute to the drop.

But the choi team thinks that, whatever your diet, men who gain weight receive more often. Compared to men who do not gain weight, men with overweight (body mass index or BMIBOD or BMI mass index of at least 25) are more than twice more likely to develop drop - and obese men have triple The risk of gout.

Men who have won 30 pounds or more since age 21 had twice the risk of men who did not gain weight during adulthood.

Lose weight can help. Men who lost 10 pounds or more dropped at 40%.

Weight Loss Cuts Gout Risk

High pressure, water pills also play paper

but the weight is not the only risk factor. Choi and colleagues have also found that they have high blood pressure on the risk of gout as much as weight. And using water (diuretics) pills also almost doubled the risk of gout.

"Our findings are more directly generalizable for men over 40 years or more ... No drop history," they write. "If these findings apply to women or men with existing drop continues to be studied."

- Weight Loss Workout Plan At Gym

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