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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Most people get enough protein. But are you making the best protein choices, or are you in a routine?

You need protein for your muscles, bones and the rest of your body. Exactly how much you need changes with age:

  • Babies need about 10 grams per day.
  • Children of school age need 19-34 grams per day.
  • Adolescents need up to 52 grams per day.
  • Teen girls need 46 grams a day.
  • Adult men need about 56 grams per day.
  • Adult women need about 46 grams per day (71 grams, if pregnant or breastfeeding)

You should get at least 10% of your daily calories, but not more than 35%, protein, according to the Institute of Medicine.

Diet Protein - Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Diet Protein
Choose the healthier sources of protein

Only on all type of food has protein. Some have more than others. If you eat meat or not, you can get enough protein from your diet.

In addition to protein, you may also want to think about what else you are receiving from protein rich foods.

For example, limit saturated fat, you would like to choose lean cuts of meat over more fat cuts. And cutting sodium, skip the meats processed as hot dogs and sausages.

If you are trying to get more omega-3, you can choose salmon, tuna or fortified eggs with omega-3.

If you need to get more fiber, look at beans, vegetables, nuts and vegetables.

To help decrease the chance to get heart disease, it is a good idea to limit the amount of red meat, especially processed red meat, and eat more fish, poultry and beans, according to researchers Harvard Public Health School. Most nutritionists agree that the best approach is to choose from a variety of protein sources.

If you are watching your weight, try to include protein with each meal. This will help you feel over. Protein spreading evenly in your meals is also good for muscles, which is especially important as you grow older and begins to lose muscle mass.

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Are You Eating Enough Protein? Here's How Much You Need - Diet Protein

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet