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Diet Zone Ajman : The Sonoma Diet Review: Phases, Foods, and More

The promise

a waist of the dresser and better health in just 10 days, without depriving itself. This is the promise of the new Sonoma diet, named by the country of California wine and influenced by a Mediterranean way focused on the eating plant.

The new Sonoma diet is an update of the previous Sonoma diet that emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, as well as food choices.

The Creator of the Plan, Connie Guttersen, PhD, RD, says that, in addition to losing weight, the plan will help you break your addiction of sugar and teach you to satisfy wishes with healthy foods.

Diet Biscuits - The Sonoma Diet Review: Phases, Foods, and More

Diet Biscuits
What you can eat

The emphasis is in a corncopy of "dense and dense nutrient food, including almonds, peppers, blueberries, broccoli, grapes, olive oil, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes and whole grains.

The diet is divided into three "waves".

  • The first wave lasts 10 days and is designed to promote quick weight loss. It is the most dramatic phase of the diet, when you are encouraged to Chang all processed foods and some greasy foods like chips, butter and bacon. Other food banned in this wave include items that contain natural sugars such as wine, fruits, juice and some vegetables. But the long list of food allowed contains things like lean meat, eggs, asparagus, soba noodles, olive oil, nuts and spices.
  • In the second wave, you eat the same foods you did in Wave 1, except you can add some fruits, more vegetables, sugar-free goodies, and up to 6 ounces of wine daily. You get this phase until you reach your goal weight.
  • Once you have reached your ideal weight, you can enter the third wave of the program, which focuses on making the new Sonoma diet a part of your lifestyle instead of a single diet correction. Guttersen encourages experiencing with different fruits, enjoying complete fatty sweets as a rare treat, and having fun fitness (while still limiting packaged foods and hydrogenated fats).
  • As a reference for how much food to eat, diet uses portion management through plate size - you eat off a 7-inch dish for breakfast and a 9-inch plate for lunch and dinner .

    The Sonoma Diet Review: Phases, Foods, And More

    Stress Level: Medium

    The diet starts with hard - throwing off a lot of food at the same time can be a shock to the system. The second and third waves become easier, since the program turns on the diet for lifestyle change.

    . Limitations: The last two waves are well balanced, but the wave 1 suggests a very restrictive low in calories.

    . Cooking and shopping: If you are prepared to stock your pantry with sugar-free foods and trans-fat, you will do well with purchases and cook in this diet. The diet book contains revenue samples for each wave of the program.

    . Packed food or meals: No.

    . In-person Meetings: No.

    . . Exercise: There is no formal component of exercise tied to the plan, but you are encouraged to incorporate some daily physical activity.

    Enables restrictions or dietary preferences?

    . Vegetarian or vegan: If you love fruit, vegetables, wine and healthy food in general, you go well in this diet. Seamless protein sources such as soybeans and eggs are allowed, provided they are low in saturated fat and free bakery or carbohydrates.

    . low fat diet: This is a great option if you are on a low-fat diet. During the first wave, hydrogenated fats are banned; and sugars and carbohydrates are limited in all waves.

    . Gluten-free: Although there are gluten-free recipes included, this diet does not meet gluten sensibilities, but it can work because the emphasis is placed in fruits and vegetables. Read the labels of your food to make sure they are gluten-free.

    What else you should know

    . Cost: different from the cost of the book and your food, this diet is free.

    . Support: On an affiliate site,, you can find recipes, success stories and guttersen tips. You can also sign up for an e-mail newsletter.

    What is SONOMA DIET? What does SONOMA DIET mean? SONOMA DIET meaning, definition & explanation - Diet Biscuits

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    the smoothie diet


    the smoothie diet
    the smoothie diet