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'Extreme Drinking' Common at Colleges - Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve

Get ready to learn a new term on the use of alcohol among university students.

The term is "extreme drink", and is described in the June edition of alcoholism: clinical and experimental research. Extreme drink goes far beyond the minimum threshold to drink compulsion, watch Aaron White, PhD and colleagues.

Drinking binge is set to at least four drinks on occasion for women and at least five drinks on occasion for men. Doubles of extreme drinks or even triple these minimum quantities, white notes, which works in the duke University Medical Center's psychiatry department.

White's Team studied data from an online survey of 10,424 students from the first year at 14 U.S. Unnamed colleges. The students took over the surveys in 2003 before taking a course of education and alcohol prevention.

Students reported how many drinks they had every day for the previous two weeks. His answers were anonymous.

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Extreme beverage levels The searches have shown that a "surprisingly large percentage of students, particularly males, drinking at peak levels far beyond the compulsion threshold," writes white and colleagues.

The discoveries include:

  • 1 in 5 men reported drinking 10 or more drinks in at least one day (double men's beverage beverage).
  • 1 in 10 women reported drinking 8 or more drinks in at least one day (female drink threshold).
  • Almost 8% of men reported drinking 15 or more drinks in at least one day (threshold with triple male compulso).
  • Almost 2% of women reported drinking 12 or more drinks in at least one day (female drink threshold of triples).

Extreme drinking was more common among men. People who often approved bingulant drink threshold were the most likely to have at least one extreme drink episode in the previous two weeks.

About 55% of all students reported drinking alcohol in the two weeks prior to research. Most have not gotten involved in extreme drinking, researchers also report.

The average number of drinks on occasion were almost six for men and almost four for women. Minor, men and women, on average, a little fewer drinks on occasion (about four for men and three for women).

'Extreme Drinking' Common At Colleges

Drink underestimated extreme?

If the students underestimated the size of a drink, they could have underestimated as they drank, the researchers noticed.

In 2005, white and colleagues reported that university students tend to underestimate how much alcohol is in a standard drink. A standard drink is 12 ounces of regular beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-year distilled liquor in a photo or mixed drink.

Obviously, the extreme drink can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Colleges can do well in segment extreme drink when trying to reduce the consequences of alcohol among students, observe whites and colleagues.

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