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Fenugreek Weight Loss : This Diet May Lower Women's Hip Fracture Risk

by Robert Preidt

. Health reporter

Women's Diet Plan For Fat Loss - This Diet May Lower Women's Hip Fracture Risk

Women's Diet Plan For Fat Loss
Monday, (Health News) - Eating a Mediterranean diet can at least lower risk of an older woman for hip fracture, a new study suggests.

Women who followed more intimately a Mediterranean diet - a high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, vegetables and whole grains - had a risk of 20% lower for hip fractures compared to women who did not follow this scheme, The researchers found.

The study could not prove cause and effect, however. And the researchers pointed out that the absolute reduction in the risk of a hip fracture for any woman was still very small - only about a third of one percent.

However, "these results support the notion that, following a healthy dietary pattern, it can play a role in maintaining bone health in postmenopausal women," concluded a research team led by Dr. Bernhard , Haring of the University of Wurzburg, Germany.

The study was published online on March 28 in Jama Internal Medicine magazine.

A specialist in the United States believes that the diet can be very important for bone health as people grow old. However, what diet can be better remains unclear according to Dr. Michael Hepinstall.

The research "usually supports the idea that adequate nutrition has health benefits that can extend to a lower risk of hip fractures," Hepinstall said, an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital Center of Lenox Hill for joint preservation

There was good news for people already in the diet, watched Hepinstall. While the Mediterranean diet typically has lower quantities of dairy products than other regimes, which did not seem to harm bony health, he said.

What helps strengthen the bones of women as it ages? According to Hepinstall, low impact, weight support exercise is encouraged, including Tai Chi.

"Doctors also usually recommend adequate intake of dietary calcium, with supplemental calcium and vitamin D for those who are disabled," he added. Medications are also prescribed when osteoporosis is diagnosed.

Simple security measures can also reduce the chances of declined fractures, Hepinstall said. Regular vision checks are fundamental and "indoors, we advise patients to keep an organized path to the bathroom, use a night light, remove bid rugs and other potential sources of falls," he said.

This Diet May Lower Women's Hip Fracture Risk

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the smoothie diet
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