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Protein Bars Weight Loss : High-Fat Diet Doesn't Cause Stroke

A diet of burgers and chips does not seem to cause a spill. Does this mean that it is good to invade the fast-food articulation?

not exactly.

"we do not want people to misunderstand these results", ka it, MD, a leader researcher of a new study, account the WebMD. "It is still very important that people attend their dietary fat intake, because certain fats play a definitive role in heart disease."

After following about 44,000 men for 14 years, the researchers found that a high-fat diet did not seem to cause spills.

Researchers even investigated the impact of high-fat foods specifically involved in cardiac diseases such as red meat, eggs and high-fat dairy products. None was found to be a cause of stroke.

but experts agree that discoveries should not be interpreted as a license to ignore warnings to limit consumption of certain types of fats.

Diet Chart Fat Loss - High-Fat Diet Doesn't Cause Stroke

Diet Chart Fat Loss
Best and bad fats There are strong evidence that eating a high diet in fats and fatty trans- acids increase risk of heart attack. Other fats, such as omega-3 found in certain fish and fats found in olive oils and canola, were shown in many studies to protect against heart disease.

The discoveries were mixed, however, on whether fats can help cause a spill.

A total of 725 strokes occurred among men in the study. After adjusting for risk factors that can help cause a stroke - such as age, overweight and smoke - researchers found that cholesterol, total fat and any specific type of fat in the diet were not possible causes of stroke .

"This suggests that fat consumption and cholesterol are not good predictors of stroke of stroke, but there are well-established risk factors for the Course and heart disease that are very important, "he says. These risk factors include smoking, overweight, non-exercise and immoderate alcohol consumption.

High-Fat Diet Doesn't Cause Stroke

Questions remain Despite Harvard's discoveries, the American Heart Association Spokesman Mark Alberts, MD, says there is still To believe that dietary fat is an important risk factor for a specific type of stroke caused by clogged arteries. Alberts directs the stroke program at the Memorial Hospital of Northwest Chicago.

"I think we need to keep an open mind because an association was seen in studies considering this specific subgroup of patients," says WebMD.

but even if there is little evidence that dietary fat can help cause a spill, Alberts agrees that it is still important that people at risk of spills . Limit the fats in your diets.

"many stroke patients to die from heart disease," he says. "From a practical and clinical point of view, it certainly would not be wise to tell patients who had blows that can eat all the fatty foods they want."

Is Cardiovascular Disease Really Linked to a High-fat Diet? - Diet Chart Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet