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Proven Weight Loss Reviews : Fat Smash Diet Review: Detox and Diet Phases

The promise

If you are ready to "crush" bad eating habits in favor of building good, fat diet breaks can be for you.

The name may seem radical, but the plan is based on healthy principles. For example, you eat many fruits and vegetables.

It's not a correction at night. Give 90 days, and you will change your relationship with food.

The plan comes from Ian K. Smith, MD, which served on President Barack Obama's advice in fitness, sports

Best Bodybuilding Fat Loss Diet - Fat Smash Diet Review: Detox and Diet Phases

Best Bodybuilding Fat Loss Diet
What you can eat and what you can not

This diet has four phases:

  • Detox: The program begins with a phase of 9-day "detoxification" 9-day meals from most products. Meat, fish, noodles and alcohol are forbidden.
  • Foundation: This release phase. You can have meats, fish and some alcohol and healthy grains and fats. You exercise a little more, too.
  • Construction: You add more variety to diet to sharpen your focus on portion control.
  • Temple : You continue to add more food and work to get back to the track if you had some slip on the plane.
  • Stress Level: Medium

    The plan begins rigorous, but it becomes very easy to follow later, and leaves you with good habits that last.

    . Limitations: You have more limitations during the first phase of the diet. It lasts only 9 days, but it is a great change from the typical American diet.

    . Cooking and shopping: You can buy many ready-made foods. But prepare at home is recommended for you to control by portions and know exactly what is in it. The book includes easy sample recipes for each phase.

    . Packed food or meals: No.

    . In-person Meetings: No.

    . Exercise: Exercise is required, and you will solve more and more at each stage. You get with at least 30 minutes of cardio training and gradually add more time. You get weight training in the last phase of the plan.

    Fat Smash Diet Review: Detox And Diet Phases

    Enables restrictions or dietary preferences?

    . Vegetarians and Vegans: Yes. You only need alternative proteins to replace meats, eggs and dairy products.

    . Gluten-free diet: Gluten is not the focus of this diet, but if you want to go gluten-free, you can do this job.

    What else you should know

    . Cost: The grocery costs will probably be similar to what they were before starting the plan.

    . Support: Many fat break dieters have joined the online support communities linked to Smith. The Facebook and Twitter community "Shredder Nation" is particularly active. Although it is associated with the posterior book of Smith, fragment, many members are using the fat diet and their other programs.

    What Maryann Jacobsen, MS, RD, says:

    . Does it work?

    There is no research on the success of this specific plan or long-term results people can expect. The plan includes a restrictive and second semi-restrictive second phase, but overall is based on healthy eating principles, which makes loss of weight likely.

    . Is it good for certain conditions?

    Except for the first two phases, the plan is in accordance with the main recommendations of the health organization for weight loss. It promotes eating a low-fat and high diet in fruits and vegetables, making it a sensible choice for people with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

    That said, you still need to talk to your doctor for orientation about medication changes and how much exercise is ideal for you. Changes in diet, exercise and weight loss affect the amount of diabetes, blood pressure and other medications you may need.

    You still need to follow your doctor or nutritionist's advice on how much salt and carbohydrates you should be eating.

    . The final word

    The strengths of this diet are focused on food and healthy exercises and the fact that does not exclude food groups.

    The diet can work for you if you want a lot of direction about what to eat, although it may not provide long-term long-term support because it's just a 90-day plan.

    The cons are that it is very restrictive, not very flexible, and does not have a plan for weight maintenance.

    Caution: Retrieving lost weight is common when maintenance - and the challenges accompanying - is not a focal point of a diet.

    The plan gradually increases exercise for one hour a day, so if you hate exercise or have physical limitations, it may not be for you.

    There is also a fair amount of food preparation involved, so if you prefer dinner or eat convenience foods, you can find this diet difficult to follow.

    Keep in mind that health risks associated with "detox diets" are not known. So if you try the diet, be cautious and listen to your doctor and your body.

    Fat Smash Diet Review - Best Bodybuilding Fat Loss Diet

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    the smoothie diet


    the smoothie diet
    the smoothie diet