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Step by Step: Walking for Fitness

If I could fall in the sky, you think time would go through this because you know I would walk a thousand miles if I could see you tonight

The Lyrics Hail from Vanessa Carlton's 2002 Top 40 Song, "A thousand miles". The mileage, of course, is figurative, but what if anyone decided to walk a small fraction of this distance for love, for charity, for messages, or for exercise? Whatever the reason would probably delight many health professionals who have had physical activity as a way to cut the growing waist of the nation.

More than 60% of American adults are overweight, and about one in three is obese, according to CDC. In the Children's Department, 15% from 6 to 19 years old are also overweight - almost twice as many decades ago.

sedentary lifestyles were repeatedly carried out partly responsible for excessive backrest. That is why many groups including the American Heart Association (AHA), the National Sport Association

Walking For Fat Loss Bodybuilding - Step by Step: Walking for Fitness

Walking For Fat Loss Bodybuilding
the benefits of fitness walking Anna Cottrill says he doubts that it would be moving today if she had not insisted on his daily walks. The 66-year-old had osteoarthritis in her lower spine since 1979, even once unable to take a step for six months. Her illness, however, did not rise since it began its regular jaunts.

The Fort Worth, Texas, grandmother, joined a walking group known as the American Volkssport Association (AVA) and soon became involved with the organization and its affiliates. She is now co-chairman of the Tarrant County walkers, and is the second vice president of the Association of Texas Volkssporting. (For the disabled, the sport is a term derived from German describing the participation in sports such as hiking, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing and cycling. If Cottrill, sport is obviously walking.)

As an active member of the sporting group, she and her husband traveled on foot in all 50 states, and are now working through all state capitals. They met many friends through Treks and saw people start relationships throughout life.

Fitness Walking "gives way people to get out and do something," says Cottrill. "It improves your health, improves blood pressure, they can lose weight, and only the remains flexible."

The observations of Cottrill correspond well to the scientific research on physical activity. According to the AHA, vigorous activities that include quick and moderate activities that include walking for pleasure can help reduce the following risk factors for heart disease:

  • High pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity and overweight
  • High triglyceride levels
  • low HDL levels ( "good" cholesterol)

In addition, Richard Stein, MD, spokesman Aha, says fitness walking is easy to do and can achieve the same cardiovascular benefits that many forms of physical activity.

"The heart is actually a really nice body," he says. "Really do not know if you're walking barefoot on the beach or you are in a gear nike $ 4,000 on a treadmill than a million dollars."

Good forms of exercise supposedly include activities that burn fat, use large muscle groups, or occur over long distances, particularly if there is no resistance involved.

Step By Step: Walking For Fitness

For older people afflicted with arthritis, Hoffmann says the fitness walk can facilitate pain instead of causing. "There is a huge body of research that shows that the symptoms of arthritis are usually relieved by walking, which, if people rise and move, they will discover that their joints will be better and less harsh and less painful."

At the other end of the spectrum, the walk can also help meet children's health needs, says Charles Corbin, MD, author of the NASPE physical activity guidelines. "Children need to spend enough calories during the day to keep their weight desirable," he says. "In addition, they need to spend consistent energy with the construction of bones and muscles for fitness and normal growth and development."

Fitness fundamentals walking Most people may think they have dominated this ability at the child's age, but certain steps apparently need to be taken to maximize the health benefits of walking:

Calendar: The general surgeon recommends moderate amounts of activities, such as a quick walk of at least 30 minutes per day every day for overall health. The NASPE proposes that children are more - from 60 minutes to several hours of physical activity (which include walking) a day - most, if not every day of the week. People who look to lose weight are encouraged by AARP to reach the pavement at least one hour a day during most days. For the health of the heart, lung and circulation, AHA suggests 30 minutes of vigorous activity (including walk) per day, three to four times a week. Many of these guidelines allow time requirements to be non-continuous, with attacks of physical activity sprinkled throughout the day.

Intensity: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 meaning relaxed and 10 completely exhausted, Stein advises from a walk at level 2 or 3, working to level 6 to 8, and then cooling For 2. "The recommendation is the same for everyone," he says, "because as you get more and more in shape, you really end up having to walk faster or steeper to keep this from 6 to 8.

Form: Stein says no matter if anyone is shaking or walking directly from the hip, as long as they feel comfortable and have the right intensity. Hoffmann, however, says it is best to have curved elbows at a 90 degree angle, the arms swaying freely so they reach the chest level, fingers wrapped in a loose fist, and feet moving at a quick pace. "If your hands are hanging on the sides, you probably are not walking fast enough to get any heart rate increase," says Hoffmann, who observes that the extremely sedentary and overweight can start an exercise plan with a walk and work Up to a faster pace.

Mileage: Many guidelines provide recommendations on time and intensity, so the distance may not necessarily be a factor. On the other hand, some walking events and campaigns with specific distance requirements are known to be very motivating. For example, Corbin says that children loved digital pedometer programs, which allowed them to accompany the steps during the day. Students who take a number of steps a day for at least five days a week for several weeks receive the President's Council activity award. Sports groups also give honors to ride all ages that have reached particular distances.

Walking through life

putting one foot ahead of the other can be the easiest form of exercise because it can be easily incorporated into daily life. Several sources, including AHA, AARP, and NASPE, provided the following tips, which could make fitness seemingly effortlessly if you are doing it for love or against love handles.

at home

  • Skirt for a short walk before breakfast, after dinner or both.
  • Walk to the corner store instead of driving.
  • Instead of asking someone to bring a drink for you, remove the sofa and get yourself.
  • Walk instead of watching TV.
  • View neighbors.
  • Walk the dog.

at work

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or go down a few floors early and walk the remaining flights.
  • Walk through the hall to talk to someone in the office instead of using the phone.
  • Meeting of a meeting with co-workers while walking.
  • Walk around your building for a pause during work day or during lunch.

out and on

  • Skirt from a stop or two at the beginning of the bus or subway, and walk the rest of the way.
  • Park further at the mall, and walk the extra distance.
  • Walking around while waiting for a relative game or friend to start.
  • Walk while waiting for the airplane at the airport.
  • See the sights in New Cities Walking.
  • On the beach, sit down and watch the waves instead of lying down. Better yet, get up and walk, run or fly a kite.
  • When golfing, walk instead of using a cart.

Advice for caregivers of children

  • Have children walk to and from school.
  • Provide time for activity in a school environment.
  • Be an active model.

- Walking For Fat Loss Bodybuilding

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