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White-Hot Winter Workouts

Yes, the time out there is scary, but this time of year is so delicious ... for trying a great winter workout.

With so many hot winter activities out there, from the total training of cross-country skiing body to golf challenge when everything is white blank, you are bound to find something that appeals.

to Chris Frado, something is cross-country skiing.

"It's End End - Everything", enthusiasts of Frato, president of the association of cross country skiing areas. "Cross-country works all your main muscle groups - leaves nothing out. It's the best aerobics activity. It's forgiving in your joints, you can do this in any rhythm you want, you can do this as a child, as an adult, You can incorporate your children and your grandchildren! "

As if it were not enough, an adult of 160 pounds can burn more than 650 calories per hour of cross-country skiing.

For even simpler snowy day training, try snow shoes. With easy-to-use gear, sliding over your shoes and nothing more than the necessary basic hiking skills, it's a shoe for the winter sport easier to learn. And this same 160 pound adult will burn more than 950 calories with an hour.

Does it have a speed need? Downward skiing can fit the bill. "I love the pure excitement of disarming a mountain in more than 40 mph", Raves Downhill enthusiastic Tony Herrig, who was born at the foot of the Wasatch Mountain range of Utah. So there's "going out of fresh air and sun, experiencing the greatness of alpine views and challenging me learning new skills." All this comes with a large burn of 450 calories per hour.

If you are not so anxious to go so fast, try to skate on the ice. You can slide through 534 calories in an hour (and you can do it on an inner lane when time does not cooperate).

If you are a golfer, there is no need to give up winter. When the links are white, take some orange golf balls, skip the cart, and you will go through more than 340 calories per hour. And do not forget the gold standard for the available, affordable exercise, whatever time: on foot. Animated 15 minutes of mile, a person of 160 pounds burns 384 calories over an hour.

Fat Loss Workouts - White-Hot Winter Workouts

Fat Loss Workouts
dress for training success

Everything accelerated to get out and angry the cold? First, there are some vital security tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Hydrated . People are subject to dehydration in colder environments, says Fabio Comana, exercise physiologist with the American exercise advice. Drinking lots of water "allows our thermoregulatory systems to operate in an ideal way, keeping us heated." Forgot your water bottle? Do not be tempted by that Snow Wonderland. In addition to your questionable cleaning, the snow "drink" can decrease its central body temperature, possibly causing hypothermia.
  • Artificial fibers are better when packing . There is an old saying: "Cotton Kills". This is because "acts like a sponge, absorbing the moisture of the snow," says Frato, and instead of absorbing moisture, he keeps him near the body. Stop synthetic microfibers ("Wonder Techs", Frato calls them) next to your skin. Add a second layer of a lightweight material like wool, then over top with a windproof external shell and waterproof and you are ready to roll - or run, sleigh or shovel!
  • Skip the beverage - if it is alcohol, this is . If you are going for a hesitant walk through a frozen lake or a swoop down a favorite sleigh hill, leave the alcoholic for later. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, running blood to the surface of your skin - and dissipating heat instead of holding it in, near your core. It can also be a diuretic, stealing you from fluids. Instead, stay with the winter fitness drink of choice: water.
  • Heat well and facilitate . When it is really cold, it may be harder to breathe, which puts us at risk of bronchial spasms, says Comana. "Give yourself a slightly longer heating because of the coldest and drier climate. Parade your exercise just a little and put a guard on your mouth, so that the air is preheated as it goes." Remember, if you think you're too tired to ski this last race, sled that last hill, or go on that final mile, then you are, says Horrig. "Do not talk about something that you are very worn to do."
  • When starting a new sport, take a lesson . "Sometimes your natural instincts will take you away from what is the most stable thing," says Cristy Harvey, ski instructor at the Nordic center of Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Pray. "And hang out with people who are at their own speed - have a relaxed and fun time."

White-Hot Winter Workouts

When you stay in

When it is raining buckets or burning the roof ping, this is a perfect time for a covered training to complement what you are doing outdoors.

Cross training is the way to go, says Bryant Stamford, PhD, professor of physiology for the exercise of the University of Louisville, Kentucky.

"We have a tendency to gravitate towards an activity," which can lead to lesions on excessive use, he says. "Cross training can take a break from your body," but still retains its level of physical conditioning.

If you choose to walk around a lane, raising weights or riding stationary bike, the goal is to use your muscles in different ways of your main sport.

If you want your inner training to improve this outdoor sport, try to match the movements. I love running outdoors? Try a treadmill. Happy for walking when time is good? Enter the step in the gym when the weather is bad.

or if you tried cross-country skiing, but you found yourself falling, even when you were stopped, try to adjust your balance with yoga. Yoga not only helps balance but can increase breathing capacity, strength and flexibility, says Sandra Moen, an Oregon yoga instructor and downhill skier.

So, as mercury falls, do not hibernam - try something new. Package to the right, get hydrated and safe, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snigh!

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