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7 Most Effective Exercises - Bodybuilding Diet For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

. Experts say there is no magic to exercise: You leave this what you put. This does not mean that you have to work for hours every day. It just means that you need to work smart.

. That said, experts agree that not all exercises are created equal. Some are simply more efficient than others, if they target various muscle groups, are suitable for a wide variety of fitness levels, or help you burn calories more effectively.

. So what are the best exercises? We put this question to four fitness experts and compiled a list of their favorites.

Most Effective Fat Loss Diet - 7 Most Effective Exercises

Most Effective Fat Loss Diet
1. Walking

. Any exercise program should include cardiovascular exercise, which strengthens the heart and burning calories. And walking is something you can do anywhere, anytime, without equipment plus a good pair of shoes.

. It's not just for beginners, too: even the adjustment itself can get a good trolley of walking.

. "Making a quick walk can burn up to 500 calories per hour," says Robert Gotlin, doing, director of orthopedic and sporting rehabilitation at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. As it takes 3,500 calories to lose a pound, you can expect to lose a pound for every seven hours that you walk, if you did nothing else.

. Do not go from the sofa to walk one hour of day, though. Richard Cotton, a spokesman for the American exercise, says beginners should start walking five to -10 minutes at a time, gradually rising up to at least 30 minutes per session.

. "Do not add more than five minutes at a time," he says. Another tip: it is best to stretch your rides before boosting your speed or slope.

7 Most Effective Exercises

2. Interval Training

. If you are a beginner or an exercise veteran, a hiker or an aerobic dancer, adding interval training to your cardiovascular workout will increase your physical conditioning level and help you lose weight.

. "Varying your pace throughout the exercise session stimulates the aerobic system to adapt," says Cotton. "The more power the aerobic system has, more capacity you need to burn calories."

. The way to do this is to push the intensity or rhythm for a minute or two, then retreat to any place of two minutes at -10 (depending on how much time your total workout will be, and how long you need to recover). Continue doing this throughout the training.

3. squat

. Strength training is essential, experts say. "The most muscular fitness you have," says Cotton, "the higher the ability you have to burn calories." And our experts tended to favor strength training exercises targeting various muscle groups. Squats, which work quadriceps, ischytibial and glutes, are a great example.

. "They give you the best bang for money because they use the most muscular groups at once," says Oldsmar, Fla. Coach David Petersen. Form is fundamental, however, warns with Petersen.

. "What makes a functional exercise is how you perform exercise," he says. "If you have bad technique, it is no longer functional."

. For a perfect way, keep your shoulder and rear width feet. Bend knees and lower your rear, says cotton: "The knee must remain on the ankle as much as possible."

. "Think about how you sit in a chair, just the chair is not there," suggests Gotlin.

. Physiotherapist Adam Rufa, from Cicero, N.Y., says practicing with a real chair can help.

. "Start working to get in and out of a real chair correctly," he says. After mastering this, try just touching the chair with the bottom, then returning. Then make the same movement without the chair.

. Gotlin sees many patients with knee pain, and says quadriceps weakness is the cause most of the time. If you feel pain coming down stairs, it says, strengthening your hips with squats can very well help.

4. Lunges

. As squats, the lunges work all the main muscles of the lower body: buttocks, quadriceps and hamstrings.

. A thrust is a great exercise because imitates life, imitates on foot ", just exaggerated, says Petersen.

. The lunges are a bit more advanced than squats, they say cotton, helping to improve their balance as well.

. Here's how to do them right: Give a big step forward, keeping your spine in a neutral position. Bend your knee in front of about 90 degrees, concentrating on keeping the weight on the back and releasing the knee of the leg to the floor.

. Petersen suggests that you imagine sitting on your back. "The escape leg is the one you need to sit down," he says.

. To make a streak even more functional, Rufa says, try stepping, not just forward, but back and out for each side.

. "Life is not linear, it is multiplanar," says Rufa. And better they prepare you for the various positions you will change during the course of one day, the most useful exercises are.


. If done correctly, the flexion can strengthen the chest, shoulders, triceps and even the muscles of the main trunk, at once.

. "I'm very much in planking exercises, almost yoga-like movements," says Petersen. "Whenever you have the pelvis and nucleus [abdominals and back] in a suspended position, you have to rely on your own adhering force to stabilize you."

. Pushups can be made at any level of fitness, says Cotton: "For someone who is on a more initial level, start pushing the height of the kitchen counter. Then work your way to a table, a chair, the floor with knees. Curved, and finally the floor on the fingers. "

. Here's how to make a perfect push-up: from a face down, put your hands slightly wider than the shoulder width. Put your fingers or knees on the floor and try to create a perfect diagonal with your body, shoulders to your knees or feet. Keep the glutes [rear muscles] and abdominals involved. Then lower your body, flexing and straightening your elbows, keeping your torso stable everywhere.

. There are always ways to make it harder, Rufa says. Once your form is perfect, try what it calls flexion "t-stabilization": Enter the position of flexion, make your push-ups with a raised arm, balancing the remaining three members without turning your hips.

6. Abdominal crunches

. Who does not want an ABS Fromo, plan? Experts say that when done correctly, the family crisis (along with its variations) is a good choice for the target.

. For a standard crisis, the cotton says, start lying on your back with flat feet on the floor and fingertips that endure your head. Press the head down down and start exercising by contracting abdominals and peeling first to the head (thrusting the chin slightly), then the neck, shoulders and upper back on the floor.

. Be careful not to pull the neck forward by sticking the chin; Do not hold your breath and keep your elbows off your line of sight to keep your chest and shoulders open.

. In turn, Petersen teaches his clients to make crunches with the feet of the floor and his knees folded. He says that with his feet held on the floor, many people tend to arch the back and wrap the hip flexors.

. "Crunches can be excellent, but if they are not done correctly, with the backing of the back, they can really weaken the abdominals," says Petersen.

. To work the obliques (the muscles on the sides of the waist), Cotton says, take the standard crisis and turn the spine toward one side while wrapping the floor.

. "Twist before you arrive," he says. "It's really important that the turnaround comes first because then they are the obliques who are really lifting you."

. But keep in mind that you will not have a flat stomach with soils, says cotton. Belly fat burning requires well-known formula: using more calories than you.

. "Crunches works the AB muscles; [they are] did not deceive themselves as exercise that burns the fat on the abdominals," he says. "This is the biggest myth in exercise." Learn more about the best AB exercises and how to execute them.

7. Flexed row

. Talk about Bang for Buck: This exercise works all the main muscles on the top of the back, as well as the biceps.

. Here's how to do this with good shape. Stand with your shoulder width feet, then bend your knees and flex your hips. (If you have difficulty doing this exercise standing, support your weight sitting on a tilt bench, facing back.) Tilt your pelvis slightly forward, fit the abdominals and extend your superior column to add support. Hold dumbbells or barbell under shoulders with hands on shoulder width. Flex your elbows and raise both hands to the sides of the body. Pause, then slowly lower your hands to the starting position. (Beginners must perform the movement without weights.)


These seven exercises are excellent and efficient choices, the experts say. But with virtually any exercise of strength or endurance, says Petersen, the question is not so much if the exercise works as how well you perform.

"Made with good technique, all exercises do what they should do," says Petersen.

The problem is that the poor form can alter the entire exercise by placing emphasis or even tension in different areas than intentioned. This can hurt instead of helping you.

So especially if you are a beginner, it is a good idea to get the advice of a fitness trainer - if you are a personal trainer or a coach in your gym - to make sure your form is safe and correct.


The ONLY 7 Exercises Men Need To Build Muscle - Most Effective Fat Loss Diet

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