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Cardio Workout For Belly Fat Loss : Belly Fat May Raise Restless Legs Risk

Plastic Wrap Belly Fat Loss - Belly Fat May Raise Restless Legs Risk

Plastic Wrap Belly Fat Loss
Belly fat, RLS

In several previous studies, obesity proved to increase the risk of developing neurological disorder, but none of the studies was designed for the purpose of examining this Link, says Xiang Gao, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health.

"We design our study to view specifically to obesity, as measured by body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference," said Gao WebMD.

Research included 65,554 Women and 23,119 Men and 23,119 Men and 23,119 Men Comprehensive Health Studies - Nurses Health Studies II and the Monitoring Study of Health Professionals.

Participants were considered to have restless leg syndrome fulfilled four diagnostic criteria for the disorder recommended by an international study group and if they had symptoms five or more times a month.

A total of 6.4% of women in the study and 4.1% of men were considered to have RLs.

The study revealed that:

  • participating obese - those with 30 or more body mass index (BMI) - were 42% more likely to have The disorder than those who were normal or underweight weights (BMI less than 23).
  • The 20% of participants with the biggest waist circumferences were 1.6 times more or probably will have RLs than the 20% with the smaller waists.
  • Being overweight or obese at the beginning of adulthood and weight gain from adulthood to middle age was associated with a higher prevalence of restless leg syndrome.

  • Belly Fat May Raise Restless Legs Risk

    More study required

    The discoveries, published in the 7th edition of Neurology magazine, suggest a "modest but significant" link between obesity and RLS, Gao says.

    "We need more research to determine if obesity is really a cause of restless leg syndrome," he says. "Obesity and RLS are very common in the USA, and obesity can become a modifiable risk factor."

    Neurologist at the University of Maryland William Weiner, MD, agrees that more research is needed to confirm that obesity and waist circumference play a role in RLS.

    "This study makes the case that obesity is somewhat related to restless leg syndrome, but certainly we can not say that obesity makes," he says. "On the other hand, encourage people who are obese to lose weight is certainly in their best interest."

    Restless Legs Syndrome Relief (RLS) - Ask Doctor Jo - Plastic Wrap Belly Fat Loss

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    the smoothie diet
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