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Cases Drop 30% in England After Lockdown - How Long Should You Fast For Weight Loss

A blockade in three weeks in England is ending Wednesday with an apparent deceleration of 30% in new cases of coronavirus.

A study by Imperial College London found 96 people for 10,000 people by 10,000 infected between November 13 and November 24, compared to 130 people for 10,000 between October 16 and November 2.

P> England had two coronavirus blocks. This time, the biggest drop in new cases occurred in the northern part of the country, said the study.

"In contrast, the prevalence in London and the Midlands remained almost unchanged. However, the rapid growth of the epidemic seen in London and the south of the country during mid-October was no longer apparent," said the study.

The study found a drop in new cases in all adult age bands, including older adults. However, more infections were found in school children. Schools remained open during the second blockade, observed the study.

Current British block ends at midnight Wednesday although restrictions remain in some regions that still have high infection rates. National restrictions remain, as limits on the size of meetings.

Average Cost Of New England Fat Loss - Cases Drop 30% in England After Lockdown

Average Cost Of New England Fat Loss
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was hospitalized with coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic, said the British must remain vigilant.

"If we facilitate the risk of losing the control of this virus again, casting beyond our hard winnings, and forcing us to return to a National New Year crossing with all the damage that would mean," he said. In an ad last week. "Difficult steps in our winter plan are the best way to avoid this result."

The United Kingdom reported more than 1.6 million cases of confirmed coronaviruses and nearly 60,000 deaths related to coronavirus. This is the fifth majority of the deaths among all nations.

Cases Drop 30% In England After Lockdown

- Average Cost Of New England Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet