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Diet Plans For Fat Loss : Foam Roller Workouts

by Amy McGory

Foam rollers can be your best friends in the gym and are a useful tool for home training. Not only does it increase their flexibility, breaking adhesions (also known as knots) in muscles, but studies show that their abdominals activate more when you are exercising in a foam roll vs. Stable terrain. With many shapes and sizes to choose from, you can pack in a variety of exercises and stretches. Six-inch six-inch rolls are better for more challenging exercises and to throw tight muscles, while the "summit" rolls of the half circle are good for basic work and balance exercises.

Let's look at a progression that strengthens the abdominal and rear muscles. During the following exercises, you will be moving your arms and / or legs while trying to keep your spine in a neutral position. If you feel a tension at the bottom of your back or you can not keep the neutral position (that is, your back bows or you are swinging), go down a level until you are ready to advance.

Do the following for one to two minutes:

Roller Weight Loss - Foam Roller Workouts

Roller Weight Loss
Best: Total foam roller march

Beat it using a complete three-inch foam roller.

  • Lie on the complete roll as in the previous exercise
  • With the arms of the floor, place your hands on both hip bones near the navel
  • March: Keeping your knees at 90 degrees, alternating each knee to the hip level (stop when your knees are at a 90 degree angle with your hips), then lower
  • Do not let your trunk swing to the side or swing back and forth
  • Do not let your bow back

  • Foam Roller Workouts

    Best: Complete foam alternating arm and leg elevators

    If the last did not fit - let's get better with this!

  • same position in a full foam roll as above
  • Perform the march movement with one leg at a time, raising the opposite arm over your head at the same time
  • Continue alternating the opposite arm and leg by two minutes
  • Do not let your trunk swing to the side or swing back and forth
  • Do not leave your back
  • Always check with a doctor before starting any exercise program.

    Foam Roller Exercises to Relieve Muscle Pain - Ask Doctor Jo - Roller Weight Loss

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    the smoothie diet
    the smoothie diet