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Drug May Cut Belly Fat in HIV Patients

A new drug called Tesamorelina can save belly fat in HIV patients, a study shows.

The study focuses on HIV lipodystrophy - abnormal patterns of fat accumulation and fat loss in people taking drugs that target HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

HIV lipodystrophy patients usually earn fat around the waist and lose fat on the face, arms and legs. A lot of fat around the waist can make heart disease more likely.

tesamorelin - which is still in its experimental steps and has not been approved by the FDA - can help treat HIV lipodystrophy. But the long-term effects of the drug are still not clear.

This news appears in the edition of tomorrow from the new Journal of Medicine in England.

Belly Fat Loss Program - Drug May Cut Belly Fat in HIV Patients

Belly Fat Loss Program

Drug May Cut Belly Fat In HIV Patients

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Patients taking Tesamorelin pour 15% of their belly fat compared to a 5% increase in belly fat in those who make placebo .

But almost half of the patients taking antibodies Tesamorelin against the drug, and six of them developed hives, observes an editorial published with the study.

Patients taking treasoelin were more likely to leave the study on side effects, although side effects were similar in both groups.

Studies are required to verify the long-term effects of Tesorelin observe the researchers. His study was funded by Theratecologies, a Canadian company developing Tesamorelin. Falutz and several colleagues observe financial ties for theratecologies.

Various teams of scientists tested various drugs that drive growth hormone, Marc Blackman, MD, observes in an editorial published with the study.

"Numerous issues remain" about long-term use of such drugs, writes Blackman, who works in Washington, DC, to the veterans medical center.

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the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet