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Fast Belly Fat Loss Tips : Drinking Peroxide “Cleanse” Leads to Blood Clots

by Alan Mozes

health reporter

Juice Cleanse Weight Loss - Drinking Peroxide "Cleanse" Leads to Blood Clots

Juice Cleanse Weight Loss

Thursday, (Health News) - Hydrogen peroxide intake of high concentration as a "natural cure" or cleaning agent can land in the emergency room, health specialists.

of particular concern are alternative therapies that proactively promote the health benefits of potent peroxide. These healing "Super Water" calls are all less healing, researchers said, with intake leading to heart attack, stroke and in some cases death.

"Alternative practices of medicine are not always safe," said Lead Author of the study Dr. Benjamin Hatten. Currently, he is an assistant professor of the emergency medicine department of the University of Colorado Medical School.

"In addition to the lack of scientific evidence of benefit, the intake of high concentration peroxide can be a threat to life. This product is much more dangerous than the domestic hydrogen peroxide that comes in a brown bottle And it's used by the public to clean wounds, "Hatten said. He led this research while in Oregon Health

Drinking Peroxide

The study included 10 years of information from 2001 and 2011. The information was of the US National Venom Data System and the American Association of Venom Control Centers (AAPCC).

During this time, almost 300 cases of high concentration peroxide poisoning were identified.

Only less than 14% of the patients experienced a partial or total blood flow blocking for the heart (an embolism). Almost 7 percent died after intake of peroxide or suffered long-term disability. Both figures, Hatten said, were "much higher than anyone expected."

What is more, significant injuries - ranging from convulsions, respiratory suffering, blows, heart attacks and altered mental states - not always immediately apparent. Problems occurred up to 25 hours after peroxide intake, the study showed.

and false medicine aside, Hatten emphasized the dangers of accidental risk.

"Many of these cases occur when patients store high concentration peroxide not diluted or minimally diluted into containers without labels or fill an old beverage bottle," he explained. This raises the risk of someone confused peroxide to water.

"If a consumer insists on consuming high concentration peroxide for their supported health benefits," Hatten said, "Please keep it locked in a clearly marked bottle to avoid accidental injuries or death."

and he added that someone finding someone in difficulties after possibly ingesting high concentration peroxide should contact emergency services (EMS), find a health care provider or reach their local poison center in 1-800-222-1222.

dr. Eric Lavonas, a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, said "tragically, cases of people suffering from blows and other severe lesions to drink high concentration hydrogen peroxide are not rare."

Why? / p>

"When you consider drinking a tablespoon of 35 percent" food grade "[industrial] hydrogen peroxide suddenly releases more than 1.5 liters of gas to the stomach, is not surprising that there is Some serious injuries, "Lavonas said.

Sudden release of a large amount of gas makes the stomach stretch. Eventually, the stomach can no longer stretch and the person who ingested the peroxide can not belch fast enough, but the gas has to go somewhere. Sometimes the rupture of the stomach. Most commonly, the gas enters the arteries and veins, he said.

"gas bubbles in a liquid increase, and when they reach a small blood vessel, the ship is blocked. Because of gravity, this means that the most common place to see the damage is the brain. They last long, but the stroke can be permanent, "Lavonas explained.

Lavonas' bottom line: "I'm not sure if there is any proven health benefit to consume hydrogen peroxide."

The study was published recently in emergency medicine annals.

- Juice Cleanse Weight Loss

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