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FDA OK's Monthly Schizophrenia Drug

FDA approved a long-standing version of Abilify's antipsychotic drug to treat adults with schizophrenia.

abilify manta is a reconstituted lyophilized powder with water to form extended release medication that can be injected once a month, according to manufacturers, otsuka and lundbeck a / s. The current version of Abilify is Taken by mouth daily.

FDA approval follows positive results of a recent study showing that adults who received injections had a greater delay in relapse time and a lower rate of relapse compared to adults who received a placebo.

"The protection of schizophrenia relapse is important for patients, their families and communities where they live," researcher John M. Kane, MD, president of psychiatry at the Zucker Hillside hospital in Glen Oaks, NY says at a company release.

"As a strong believer in long-term therapies for schizophrenia, I think it is important that doctors have a new and effective once. Monthly treatment option that can help reduce the risk of relapse and manage Symptoms in patients, "he says.

Monthly Weight Loss - FDA OK's Monthly Schizophrenia Drug

Monthly Weight Loss

Because of an increased risk of damage or death associated with antipsychotic use in the elderly, the company notes that this medicine should not be used in elderly patients with dementia related psychosis.

The medication should also not be given to people with a known hypersensitivity reaction to Abilify.

View a version of this history for doctors, visit Medscape, the main location for physicians and health professionals.

FDA OK's Monthly Schizophrenia Drug

Medication For Schizophrenia - Monthly Weight Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet