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How to Shake 'Holiday Gift' Anxiety - A Vegetarian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

When December 1 and the holidays appear, the list of gifts you need to buy grows. And so does your anxiety. My sister-in-law really likes a hot pink scarf? Did I bought my father measure until the gift that my brother gave him? And as in the name of everything that is wrapped in a large red bow can a person reach January with his wallet and sanity still intact? For most of us, it is enough to call a moratorium on the holidays.

But what our eyes wondering should appear, but tips from experts who tell WebMD how to survive the Mayhem wrapping paper giving and receiving and digging deeply for some praise and spirit.

Wrapped in bright paper with each of these factors is the act of giving present. Among your negative aspects: giving gifts makes us tired and the people we buy are sometimes discontented with their gifts. It can also be a drain in our finances. And we often have to send the gifts by mail, taking the joy of giving all together.

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The art of giving

This year, before the anxiety sets and your list of gifts grow longer, address your purchases from a different angle. Instead of wrapping to the fingers bleed and your wallet is empty, put a little about it. Here are tips on the art of giving:

Choose a name, any name. "Make an exchange of gifts where you choose a family member's name out of a hat and buy a gift for just that person," says Radack, instead of stressing by buying for all 30 people in his family. By the way, this will also help you maintain a budget.

You guessed ... stay with a budget. When it comes to making it through vacation with your head above the water, the first thing you should do is plan in advance. Start diving money in January for next season. Then choose a number that does not make you shrink and use it as a budget. Create an account specifically for the holidays, place a value defined in it, and when empty, it ends. And remember that a good gift does not need to cost a lot.

How To Shake 'Holiday Gift' Anxiety

"As for the present, something attentive is always welcome and does not have to be expensive," says Radack. "Finance have a huge impact on stress, because there are so many expectations when it comes to gifts, whether at work or with family or friends. Definitely increases the holiday stress, and even then if people pass beyond their means. "

Ask! Instead of just buying Willy-Nilly, here's a new idea: Ask your friends and family what they want. You may be surprised.

"Have a frank discussion on the present giving with people on your list," says Jo Robinson, co-author of disconnecting the Christmas machine. "You want to do more than go through Christmas mechanisms. You want to approach people, delight small children, create a beautiful domestic environment, choose exquisitely appropriate and connected gifts."

The Creative Approach

Be creative. Remember that a gift does not always need wrapped, and the gift of time is yellowish.

"hours of hours in vacation traffic buying gifts for people who do not need them is an exercise of frustration", robinson webmd account. "Maybe some people prefer to spend more time together instead of changing gifts wrapping. Others may prefer a donation for charity or simply a Christmas card or phone call. Find some way to show love for family and friends besides giving preservation. Saying appreciative words , being more warm and accepting, helping, or overlooking the faults can spread the holiday better than the most elaborate table setting, festive drink or gift. "

Do not be competitive. "So many people feel they need to buy an expensive gift for someone because last year the person bought an expensive gift, and this year they need to compensate," says Jenn Berman, PhD, a psychologist in private practice in Beverly Hills, California Family therapy.

"or they are competing with a family member who always buys expensive gifts". Anyway, it's a recipe for vacation disaster. Because you want to make someone happy, not because you want to win.

The receiving end

The act of receiving gifts is also an art, and admittedly, some of us are much better than others. While a person shrinks when it opens a bad fruit cake wrapped from Aunt Matilda, another jumps for joy - even if it is moldy. But keep in mind, the holidays are never perfect, and not all the gifts you will open.

"Most people feel a lot of pressure to give the perfect gift, create the perfect holidays, and do all the holidays like a Norman Rockwell painting," Berman said. "But the truth is that the realities of the holidays are imperfect, and if you can accept the imperfections of the holidays, you can relax and enjoy them more."

unwanted gifts

When you get a gift and the meows and whistles, a la Griswold family in the Christmas vacation filming, here are tips on how to handle it Well:

simply smile. "Whatever you get, just say," I'm so glad you were thinking of me and that means a lot to me that you took the time and the effort to choose this and it's wonderful, "says Robinson.

When you are empty-handed. "The hard thing is to accept a gift when you did not get something for the person who gave you one," says Robinson. "So you respond", it's really wonderful, you're such a generous. I did not expect this and thank you very much. Resist the desire to go out and make it still-steven - it's not what it's about. "

When you really do not like it. "Miss Label would tell you if it's the wrong size, it does not fit, it's the wrong color, do not ask" where did you get it so I can return it? "Robinson says." I think everything is very rude. You thank them for what they did and you appreciate it. If you will knock you down, do not mention and do not make them feel unsuitable for this. "

. More than just gifts

Driving as a maniac trying to shop until you fall is not necessarily the way to go. Instead, be organized, be flexible, and give because you mean.

"The organization and flexibility are the keys to do all this," says Berman, who hosts a night call in the radio program called sofa. "If someone does not get their gift for Christmas or Hanukkah, give a few days later. Most adults are quite flexible, and if they can not be flexible, they probably do not deserve your gift anyway. People forget that gifts should be From the heart - not because of the obligation. "

If you are in donation or receipt, remember that the holidays are much more than wrap and unwrap.

"Pass only five minutes, writing what is most significant for you about the holiday season," says Robinson. "With your desires and values ​​clearly in mind, you can make spontaneous choices during the season that will add to your contentment and joy."

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