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Is Biking Bad for the Bedroom? - Fat Loss 8 Weeks

in September 1997, Ed Pavelka, Columnist with bicycle magazine, made a surprising revelation: he had erectile dysfunction of cycling. He wrote at the time: "... the tests revealed that blood flow to my penis had become so restricted that I was incapable of a firm erection enough for sexual intercourse."

pavelka conviction that cycling led to your problem soon was supported by medical authority. Irwin Goldstein, MD, an erectile dysfunction specialist with the University of Boston medical center, was largely quoted in the press saying that all male cyclists risked erectile dysfunction, and that they should consider giving up the sport if they liked sex.

Weight Loss With Biking - Is Biking Bad for the Bedroom?

Weight Loss With Biking
Alarmist consulting or scientific proof? Goldstein, whose patients included a number of cyclists with sexual dysfunction, conducted a study at the Medical Center of the University of Boston to investigate the connection. His 1997 study showed that cyclists experienced more sexual dysfunction than the athletes who did not bicycle. Cyclist complaints included erectile dysfunction, groin and penile numbness and urinating problems.

But what was about cycling that led particularly to erectile dysfunction? The study by Goldstein had not discovered a cause, but another study made at the University of California, San Diego, offered an explanation. The study - made in conjunction with serfs, an accessory bicycle company in the Lake Forest, California - found that RUB is not in cycling, but in the seats.

Is Biking Bad For The Bedroom?

"Men can develop erectile dysfunction after sitting on a hard bicycle seat for many hours because they compress an area of ​​anatomy known as perineum," explains Ken Taylor, MD, former clinical professor of family medicine at UCSD and a co-researcher in the 1999 cycling study. The perionum is the area between the anus and scrotum.

tim roddy, md, urologist in edmonds, wash., agrees that the pressure to sit on a bicycle seat can cause the problem: "a man You can squeeze some of the vital arteries and nerves needed for normal sexual functioning, sitting on a hard bike seat for a long time, "he says.

If the seat fits serfs, a manufacturer of bicycle accessories, established to design a seat that would travel the weight of the perineum pilot. The result, called "the eraser," has a long groove in the middle and is excavated in front. In April 1999, the researchers tested the newly designed seat in 15 regular cyclists, most of which pedaled between 150 and 300 miles weekly.

the results? Although 80% of those who use a conventional seat suffered numbness, only 14% of those who use the new seat did. Seras now offers several seat models for street and mountain bikes.

More studies, plus seats Specialized bicycle components, Inc., Morgan Hill, California, also offers seats designed to help men walk with safety. Medical designer Roger Minkow, MD, helped develop the sealed seat of the body geometry with the entrance of urologists and police bicycle divisions. The specialized seat is very narrow and has a wedge in the shape of the back.

to test the seat, the company consulted with Robert Kessler, MD, Urology Professor at the Medical Center of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California in March 1999, Kessler recruited 25 cyclists. Each one passed regularly at least six hours weekly, and all suffered from perineal pain, numbness and erectile dysfunction. Cyclists used the new seat for a month and then shared their results.

"Fourteen had full relief, nine had almost full relief from his symptoms a bit of partial relief and did not indicate any change," says Kessler. Kessler presented his discoveries at the 1999 Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association.

Diamondback and Avocet Inc. also manufacture seats designed not to compress the perinum.

A bit of filling help, also A study presented at the same meeting of the AUA discovered that unservised seats reduce penis blood flow more than The padded seats. The width of the padded seats was not a factor.

"clear, not every bike pilot develops erectile dysfunction, as well as not every smoker develops lung cancer," says Taylor. "But a standard seat is a risk factor."

Other risks, according to Taylor, include excess weight, having wider than average hips, and leaning forward on the riding - all of which place extra pressure in the perineum.

Is Cycling Bad For Men's Sexual Health? GCN Talks Bo***cks - Weight Loss With Biking

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