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Kids Eat Too Much Fat at School - Fat Loss Lunches

Food To Eat For Fat Loss - Kids Eat Too Much Fat at School

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Many children may be getting more than their share of healthy fat from their school lunches. A new study shows that some high school students are eating excessive amounts of fat lunches served in the cafeteria of his school.

Researchers measured the fat content of foods meals in 24 high schools in California over a period of five days and found lunches provided by the school. The average fat content of a cooked lunch in the cafeteria was 31 grams, compared to only 21 grams found in bag lunches students brought from home and 14 grams at breakfast provided by the school.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires the breakfast and provided lunch for the schools follow the dietary guidelines of the US, which recommend eating more than 30% of total calories as fat for day. Whereas most children eat about a third of their daily calories at school, researchers say should generally eat about 20 grams of fat in school.

But the study found that the average student consumed about 26 grams of total fat in school. cafeteria lunches alone accounted for almost half of the consumed calories from fat.

Researcher James. F. Sallis, PhD, of the University of California San Diego, and colleagues say that the a la carte items such as pizza, pastries and baked goods that are served next school lunches in the vending machines and student stores race are major contributors to excess fat intake.

Researchers found that students complement their meals with these items la carte higher, which packed an average of more than 13 grams of fat per item.

But the researchers found that students who brought home bag lunches consumed only about a quarter of your daily fat intake at school.

"The relatively low fat content of bag lunches suggested they were seen as healthier alternatives to school food sources for parents and students," write the researchers. "The school food environment, especially in terms of food provided or sold at school, is in need of improvement."

The study appears in a recent issue of Preventive Medicine.

Kids Eat Too Much Fat At School

- Food To Eat For Fat Loss

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