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Measured Weight Loss : Americans Cutting Back on Trans Fatty Acids in Diet

Despite the current epidemic of obesity of the country, calories for calories, Americans have been healthy in recent decades. In particular, we have significantly reduced the most deadly of all dietary factors at the risk of heart disease - trans-fatty acids.

a new study that examines the eating habits of residents in the state with the highest period of life - Minnesota - finds between 1980 and 1997, men ate 24% less trans fatty acids while women ate 13% less.

and the rest of us?

"In the past, many of the other trends we have seen in our in-progress research, such as blood pressure levels, parliamentary with what is seen in surveys National "says leader researcher Lisa Harnack, DPH, MPH, from the University of Minnesota Public Health School. "So we think it reflects what is happening nationally."

How To Create Calorie Deficit For Fat Loss - Americans Cutting Back on Trans Fatty Acids in Diet

How To Create Calorie Deficit For Fat Loss
Minnesotans making better Your latest findings are part of the Minnesota heart search in progress, which analyzes several factors in the Development of cardiacs of 40,000 families in an area of ​​seven municipalities, 2 million people from Minnesota between 1980 and 1997. His research is published in this month's edition of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association magazine.

In addition to lowering the ingestion of trans fatty acids, Harnack finds that in this period, male minnesotans reduced their total fat and grams of saturated fat in 19% and women had A 7% fall. Dietary cholesterol fell 28% in men and 24% in women.

This may explain, at least in part, because the rate of heart disease of the nation has declined constantly since 1960, it says. Since 1980, the rate of heart disease in U.S. fell 21%, and improvements in the diet can explain two thirds of this decrease, according to other research.

however, the study of Harnack also shows a less positive and fully family trend: there is more on the plate - even in Minnesota, often considered the state "Healthier" of the country because, statistically, your residents live more than any other. While men eat only 37 more calories per day than in 1980, women are getting more than 200 additional calories - an increase of 13%.

"This is the only change in the wrong direction in terms of nutritional changes: body weight went up," says WebMD. "Overall, we're moving in the right direction, but we're not there yet. And maybe we're now starting to go in the wrong direction."

Americans Cutting Back On Trans Fatty Acids In Diet

trans fatty acid limit in a preliminary revision of even younger data, not yet published - tracking standards Food from 2000 to 2002 - Harnack tells the WebMD that it is finding the level-made dietary improvements and can be reversed. "I think it reflects confusion about the" good "and" bad "food fats, the whole phenomenon of the Atkins diet," she says.

but the fall observed in the consumption of trans fatty acids is especially important - and timely. In July, the FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services announced that food manufacturers have until January 1, 2006, to list the amounts of trans fatty acids on food labels.

"there is no insurance threshold for trans fats," says Frank Hu, MD, PhD, MPH, Harvard School of Public School, Specialist in fatty acids Trans and longtime researcher on how diet affects heart disease. "Of course, the more you eat, worse the risk. The best strategy is to avoid trans fats; if not, limit them significantly".

it tells WebMD that foods rich in trans fatty acids - anything that made with oils that were hydrogenated "or" partially hydrogenated "to give A longer lifespan - plays the largest role in raising the risk of heart disease than any other dietary measure.

"is not as bad as smoking or obesity. But grass for grass, the risk of trans fats is more than twice as double eating fat or saturated cholesterol."

Hu was not involved in the study of Harnack, but he says the trends she observed "reasonable sum" for the rest of the country.

Margarine stick not so popular "The consumption of trans fats throughout the world has decreased in recent decades, Mainly due to the reduction of the consumption of Margarine de Varas, "says Hu, who published a study for three years, observing the improvement of the diet - including feeding less trans fatty acids - could claim most credits by the country's cardioping rate.

"mainly, we are eating less trans fats because there is a drop in the use of margarines of sticks," says Hu. "More people are using smooth margarines, which have less trans fatty acids that sticks, and even products without trans fat, as intelligent balance. People are more aware now about the dangers."

In addition to margarine, other trans fatty acid foods include baked goods, baking products, fried foods, salad dresses and other processed foods listed for contain "partially hydrogenated" vegetable oils.

- How To Create Calorie Deficit For Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet
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