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Paradoxine Fat Loss : The Skinny on Fat Drugs

-. Need to lose weight? You may know you are not alone. What you may not know: You are not bad or mad, but need help.

The surest way to lose weight is to eat a little less and exercise more. If you take only 500 to 1,000 fewer calories than to maintain your current weight, you will lose 5% to 10% of its weight in four to six months. If you add exercise to your new moderate diet, will keep off weight.

Some people overweight can do it. Most can not. This is why weight loss usually does not work without help to develop healthy thinking habits, healthy eating habits and healthy exercise habits.

A minority of people need something more. For some, surgery is the answer. Others need drug therapy.

The road to weight loss drugs is scattered with failures and fraud. Now, however, researchers are closing in on new drugs that can do the trick.

A review article by researchers from the National Institutes of Health, Susan Z. Yanovski, MD, and Jack A. Yanovski, MD, PhD, appears in the February 21 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Look at the past, present and future of weight loss drugs.

An overview of the article follows. Here's the bottom line: weight loss drugs are not the answer for most people. They are for people who can not lose weight any other way - even if they have tried - and whose obesity threatens their health.

No weight loss drug approved by the FDA has been tested for more than two years. The drugs generally do not lead to dramatic weight loss - on average, people lose about 5% of their body weight. And there are side effects. These can be very serious. Never take weight loss drugs without doctor's supervision.

Cardio Routines For Fat Loss - The Skinny on Fat Drugs

Cardio Routines For Fat Loss
where we have been

Remember Fen-Phen? Studies published in 1992 revolutionized the field of weight loss research when it has shown that this combination of two very different drugs could help people support weight loss through three and a half years.

Unfortunately, continued phen-phen treatment ended up being associated with a serious heart disease. The treatment was removed from the market - but obesity research forever has been changed. Doctors began to see obesity not as a moral failure, but as a condition that could treat.

"For a minority of obese patients who have a substantially increased medical risk and for whom the treatments [Nondrug] alone are unsatisfactory, weight loss medicines may be useful for behavioral treatments," Write Yanovskis . / p>.

The Skinny On Fat Drugs

where we are

Current weight loss drugs come in three types. Some make it less hunger. Others keep it from absorption of fats and other nutrients of food. Still others - none of which are approved in the US - make you burn more energy


Appetite suppressors make the brain wanting food. They do this by raising chemical messengers who tell your brain you are not hungry. The amphetamines were used in the past, but are now considered very dangerous because of their abuse potential. Current drugs of this type also have some potential for abuse. One of these drugs, meridia, combined two different modes of action. However, it can increase blood pressure severely and can cause dry mouth, headache, insomnia, and constipation.

Recent studies suggest that having in Meridia 12 weeks of turning / off cycles reduces side effects without affecting your ability to suppress appetite.

Some of the most recent antidepressants also increase the levels of chemicals of the appetite brain-suppressor. However, two of these drugs - Prozac and Zoloft -. Show that weight loss tends to be temporary, even if the patient continues to take medicines

Weight loss drug that keeps the intestine of absorbing fat is called xenical. Makes a person excretion about a third of all dietary fat in the feces. It also makes a person excrete fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin D.

Taking the drug is no picnic. "Side effects ... include flatulence with discharge, fecal urgency, fecal incontinence, steatorrhea [fatty feces], oily spots, and increased defecation frequency," Yanovskis note.

Despite these side effects, the drug can be effective. In the second year of use, people who take the medicine recover the weight lost more slowly than those who stop taking it. And weight loss is accompanied by improvements in health risks associated with obesity -. Including a small cholesterol reducer effect

All types of dietary supplements promise weight loss. Those who contain ephedrine - like ma huang - and caffeine are the only ones proven to help people lose weight. Even these work only in the short term - and their long-term safety is unknown. As weight loss pharmaceutical drugs, these dietary supplements have their own potentially serious side effects.

Yanovskis Note that the national institutes of health guidelines do not recommend herbal supplements as part of a weight loss program.

on the horizon

Some approved medications are being tested as possible weight loss drugs. These include:

  • Wellbutrin. Some patients who do this antidepressant had small weight losses. Clinical trials are testing WellButrin as part of a weight loss program.
  • Topamax. This new antiepilepsy medication has an appetite suppressive activity. It is being studied in patients with compactable eating disorders and with obesity due to a hyperactive thalamus. Side effects can be serious.
  • Glocophage. This diabetes medication improves insulin sensitivity. It seems to prevent weight gain in adults. Studies are in progress in excessive people who have no diabetes. The collateral effects of glucophague include nausea, flatulence, swelling and diarrhea at the beginning of treatment. It can also cause a serious problem - lactic acidosis - in some patients with underlying disease.

Recent research is discovering how the body balances your energy. These insights are leading to sophisticated ways to correct problems that lead to - or obesity. Drugs based on these discoveries are in several stages of development.

"Advances in our understanding of energy balance will likely lead to more effective treatments for obesity in the future," conclude Yanovski and Yanovski. "With this understanding, we can expect not only to develop safe and effective ways to help obese people achieve and maintain a healthy weight, but also to understand how to prevent the development of obesity in those who are at risk."

- Cardio Routines For Fat Loss

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