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What Is The Best Supplement For Fat Loss : Is Other Body Fat Safe for Breast Reconstruction?

by Mary Elizabeth Dallas

HealthDay Reporter

Body Wraps For Fat Loss - Is Other Body Fat Safe for Breast Reconstruction?

Body Wraps For Fat Loss

Monday, (Health News) - Using women's fat cells to improve mammary reconstruction after cancer surgery does not increase the risk of experiencing a recurrence of your disease or developing a new Cancer, suggests a survey.

The procedure is known as lipofilling. Fat is removed from the belly or another part of the body and injected into the breast to increase the appearance, explained the researchers.

According to the report in the February edition of plastic and reconstructive surgery, this technique can safely be used during breast reconstruction after a partial or total mastectomy.

The study included more than 1,000 women who had lipofilling after breast surgery related to cancer. About one-third of these women had a high genetic risk for breast cancer and were submitted to a risk reducing mastectomy.

Is Other Body Fat Safe For Breast Reconstruction?

Cancer rates of new or recurrent breasts in these women were compared against a similar group of women who had breast reconstructions related to lipofilling cancer. The women who had lipofilling after a mastectomy due to cancer were followed for about five years, said the study.

Overall, cancer recurrence rates were similar among women who had lipofilling and those who did not. This was true for cancer that resorted in the chest or surrounding tissue, as well as recurrent systemic cancer that affect other parts of the body, the authors of the study said.

None of the women who had a preventive mastectomy developed chest cancer, the findings shown.

There was a slightly greater risk of recurrence of cancer for women in hormone therapy that had lipofilling during breast reconstruction, researchers found.

Plastic surgeons are increasingly using lipofilling as part of breast reconstruction surgery. But the researchers said that many doctors remain worried that the procedure can affect the risk of women for new or recurrent breast cancer.

"Our results provide new evidence that lipofilling, used as part of breast reconstruction, is a safe procedure that does not increase the risk of recurrent or new breast cancer after mastectomy," said Kronowitz.

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