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5-a-Day ‘Not Enough’ Fruits and Vegetables

We all asked to eat five portions of fruits and vegetables a day, but new surveys find eight portions to cut the risk of dying of heart disease.

The diet and lifestyles of more than 300,000 people in eight European countries have discovered that people who ate at least eight portions of fruits and vegetables each day had a risk of 22% lower than Heart diseases than those who ate three servings per day.

Each additional part in fruits and vegetables was attached to a risk of 4% lower than death.

A portion counted as 80 grams, such as a small banana, a medium apple or a small carrot.

Heart disease is the main cause of death in the US and around the world, representing more than one in four deaths in the United States, according to CDC.

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Average fruit and vegetable intake

The average ingestion of fruits and vegetables in the various countries was five servings per day.

5-a-Day 'Not Enough' Fruits And Vegetables

Spain, Greece and Italy were the leaders in fruits and vegetables eating. Italian men liked 7.5 servings per day, and Spanish portions 6.7.

Healthy eating Tail out of the north, the researchers looked in Europe.

u.k. Men succeeded 4.1 servings per day, and women 4.8 portions.

Swedish Men and women were the worst, with only 3.5 and 2.9 servings per day.

Researchers say factors such as cost and availability of fruits and vegetables will probably explain the differences in ingestion.

Data came from European research in perspective on the study of cancer and nutrition (epic) - Heart Study.

Each portion account

Study researcher Francesca Crowe, MD, from the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at Oxford University in England, tells WebMD by e-mail " , we need to be cautious in our interpretation of these findings, because the participants with a greater ingestion of fruits and vegetables tended to be a little healthier in general. So we are unable to tell if the association between fruits and vegetables and heart disease. is causal. "

5 per day 'Minimum'

in a statement, Victoria Taylor, senior dietetics at the British Heart Foundation, says: "Take-home message is still to eat Fruits and vegetables It is healthy for your heart. We need to remember five portions our minimum as the most fruits and vegetables that people ate the less risk of dying of heart disease have become. "

The recent research from the British Heart Foundation and the University of Oxford suggested that 15,000 lives per year could be saved if all meet five servings per day.

Taylor continues: "We still do not know exactly why we see this relationship between fruits and vegetables and heart disease. It can be something in the fruit itself and vegetables, but it could also be something in the life styles of people who tend to eat more fruits and vegetables. There is still work to be done by researchers to answer these questions. "

Do We Really Need to Eat 10 Portions of Fruit and Veg a Day? | This Morning - 5 Day Water Fast Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet