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Coaching For Weight Loss : Drug Switch Staves Off Breast Cancer

(San Antonio) - Women with breast cancer alternating tamoxifen to a new class of hormonal drugs called aromatase inhibitors better than remained in standard hormonal medication, Italian researchers They reported Wednesday.

in a study of almost 450 women, cancer was less likely to repeat in those who have changed from standard tamoxifen to arimideex, compared to those who kept taking Tamoxifen, says Francesco Boccardo, MD, the Institute of National Italian Cancer Research and the University of Genoa.

The study, presented here in the 26th Annual Symposium of Breast Cancer San Antonio, is the latest to indicate that ArimideX is higher than tamoxifen in treatment of postmenopausal women with breast cancer.

About three in five women with breast cancer have tumors that are fed by estrogen, doing hormone therapy a cornerstone of the schemes to avoid recurrences and improve survival.

For 25 years, doctors have using tamoxifen, which blocks estrogen effects, for slow tumor growth.

Dr Masley Fat Loss Switch - Drug Switch Staves Off Breast Cancer

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The new studies show that aromatase inhibitors, which reduce the production of the estrogen body, decrease tumors and longer with fewer side effects, doctors say.

"in essentially all setup in metastatic cancer, Arimideex is superior to other hormonal agents," says Robert W. Carlson, MD, Medical Professor ( Oncology) at Stanford University Medicine School, which spoke at a press conference to discuss the discoveries.

The most recent study had 448 postmenopausal women who were taking tamoxifen for at least two years after breast cancer surgery. Women were randomly assigned to continue taking tamoxifen, or changing to Arimideex for a total of five years.

after three years, cancer was 64% less likely to resort to the group of women who changed to Arimideex, compared to those who continued to take tamoxifen, the Study shows.

As for side effects, tamoxifen was associated with a higher risk of uterine cancer than arimideex.

but patients taking arimideex reported more upset stomach. Other studies have shown that women taking arimidex are more prone to bone fractures than women taking tamoxifen, an arimidex indication can accelerate bone loss.

"While we need to be cautious, discoveries can bear to exchange patients for arimideex instead of continuing them in tamoxifen," says Boccardo.

Carlson, who was not involved with research, agrees that women in tamoxifen should consider change.

but, it tells WebMD, "the data are not yet strong enough so that we should tell all the women to cross. Instead, the option should be discussed by each individual patient with your doctor. "

a reason for caution, says Carlson, is that women in Arimideex have not yet been followed long enough to conclude conclusively that the drug saved lives. "I hope to see the data next year, but we still do not have it."

Also, ArimideX does not work on women with operating ovaries, he says. "Only postmenopausal women are candidates."

"The message to take home is that these women now have a choice," says Lawrence Wickerham, MD, associate president of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Intestinal design in Pittsburgh.

Drug Switch Staves Off Breast Cancer

Doctors continue to study the effects of Arimideex and another Femara aromatase inhibitor for breast cancer treatment. A study at the beginning of this year analyzed the efficacy of Femara versus a placebo after five years of treatment with taxmoxifen. After about 2 1-2 years of follow-up, the researchers found that Femara seemed to reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer almost half (43%) compared to placebo.

Breast Cancer Treatment - Dr Masley Fat Loss Switch

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