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Dara Torres on her new book and new life - When Diet And Exercise Isn't Enough

In the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing, Dara Torres, 41, became the oldest Swimmer to always make the U.S team. But she did not just make the team - she She got home with three silver medals. Five months later, WebMD magazine picked up with towers to talk about his new book and her life since making it big Splash.

The Faster Way To Fat Loss Book - Dara Torres on her new book and new life

The Faster Way To Fat Loss Book

Last summer, you proved to the world that age is just a number - the Title of your new book, leaving in April. This means that you will be pointing To a place on the Olympic team in London in 2012?

I learned after all those years to never say "ever." But at my age you You have to take it all day by day. You have to listen to your body ... [Currently] I'm training for nationals, and we hope to make the world Championship team [in 2009].

At 33 years old, you were also the oldest member of the US swimming team in Sydney in Sydney 2000. Have you ever dreamed that you would be able to compete 8 years later?

Dara Torres On Her New Book And New Life

What is your worst health habit?

sugar. I love anything with sugar, be dessert, sweets or Chocolate.

How important is nutrition in your training?

Very important. I do not preach myself from certain foods. I'll take a bite of something. But I hired someone to cook so I know I'm eating Duly. At my age is about recovery, and eating well helps you recover faster.

Why did you feel the need to volunteer to improve drug screening, offering DNA, hair and blood besides standard urine tests?

Because there were athletes who came before me who would seek the media in The eye and lie. And I can tell people until I'm blue on the face and they You will not believe me. Nowadays, you are guilty until you showed innocent, and I wanted to Prove that I was not making drugs, and that I could do it the right way.

What is your response to those who accused you to use Performance Breeding Drugs? Do you think the accusations are age?

is very sad that when you do everything you can to prove that you are Clean people are still making accusations. There is nothing you can do. I Take it as a compliment, and that they should think that I'm really fast to be doing What am I doing.

Your father died from colon cancer. What you learned from the experience, and what advice you would go to those with family members Fighting the disease?

If this type of cancer runs in your family, verify that you can be displayed early. It is for your own health to do this.

mentally, how do you prepare for a race?

I feel that all my preparation is physical. I just try to get out there and have a good time. You should just go out and do that.

What do you do for relaxation?

I really do not relax. I like going to the movies and hanging out with friends. My daughter has a lot of energy, then in the morning when we wake up I'll watch TV with her, or before she goes to bed.

Of the five senses, what do you value more and why?

View, because it is such a beautiful place in which we live. I would never want to lead to be able to see how guaranteed.

What disease or condition you would most like to see eradicated in your Life, and why?

Cancer, because I had family members and friends affected by it, and That's what most hits.

If you were not a professional athlete, other objective you would have Chased professionally?

Something in the field of helping people. I'm not sure what.

How can you solve when you do not feel like this?

I only think of my goals. It is a matter of overcoming the first hunch of Not wanting to go. But he never failed. Once I'm there, I'm always happy that I went.

Dara Torres: Age is Just a Number, Episode #132 - The Faster Way To Fat Loss Book

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet