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Diet, Cancer, and Confusion

Diet Menu - Diet, Cancer, and Confusion

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"Food and eat recommendations for cancer patients can be very different from the usual suggestions to eat healthy", the publishing states. "This can be confusing for many patients, because these new suggestions may seem to be the opposite of what they have always heard."

high -Calorie diet is defended to combat weight loss and malnutrition that occurs frequently with cancer and cancer treatments. Malnutrition is one of the main causes of illness and death in cancer patients. As far as one in four people with anorexia cancer report, or loss of appetite, diagnosis and, among those with very advanced cancers, almost all patients lose their desire to eat. The loss of appetite is also a frequent side effect of various cancer treatments.

Most agree that patients with cancer that completed treatment and are recovering should follow healthy food general guidelines. But experts disagree on the best nutritional course for patients who are undergoing therapy, and evidence is inconclusive.

Diet, Cancer, And Confusion

While many cancer nutrition experts favor high protein diet, high calorie endorsed by NCI, two other authorities say no. Both said that unless a patient is extremely malnourished, a high calorie diet, high fat could do more harm than good.

"Most cancer patients need to eat healthy foods and do not try to force a high calorie diet," Daniel W. Nixon, MD, Tell WebMD. "For me, it seems illogical to say that people should eat fruits and vegetables and limit the fats to avoid cancer, but then turn around and say that when you receive cancer, you should eat many fats and calories." Nixon is President of the American Health Foundation and is the author of the book The Cancer Recovery Eating Plan. Michael Wargovich, MD, who is a basic research director at the South Carolina Cancer Center, says there are increasing evidence that a rich diet Fruits and vegetables can be so beneficial to cancer patients, as is for those who try to avoid disease. He cited studies suggesting that tumor growth decreases in patients with high-fat changing cancer for low-fat diets.

"except in the case where there is weakening due to the lack of total nutrition, during the time of chemotherapy, and even then, I think it is important to stay in a low diet Fat content that is high in fruits and vegetables, "he says. "This does not mean low-calorie. You can get many calories on carbohydrates."

So with all those flying opinions, all coming from people who know a lot about cancer and nutrition, there are wonderful people are getting confused. The best thing to do is to make sure you talk to doctors treating you about your diet. They will be able to help you develop good eating habits and may even be able to suggest foods that are good for you and easier to tolerate during your recovery.

The Link Between Nutrition and Cancer - Diet Menu

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet