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Does Lemons In Water Help With Weight Loss : Rapid Weight Gain May Put Boys at Risk

Boys that are fine, but they earn a lot of weight, as adolescents may be more likely to develop high blood pressure than others. A new study shows that boys who were thinner at birth and earned later, had the highest risk of having high blood pressure.

The weight of the low birth between the term babies can be a sign of growth retardation in the womb, say the researchers who could increase the risk of term of chronic diseases. Researchers say their discoveries are aligned with a theory known as fetal programming or the hypothesis of barker, which states that a malnourished fetus will adapt his Metabolism in the uterus to survive until birth, but these changes increase the risk of disease later in life, such as heart disease, diabetes and possibly cancer.

previous studies have already shown that children who are thin at birth and are heavy, because adolescents are increasing the risk of heart disease, but so far no It was clear if particular periods of growth played a role.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet - Rapid Weight Gain May Put Boys at Risk

Rapid Weight Loss Diet
Researchers say the results demonstrate the need for pregnant women to get adequate nutrition and prenatal health care to help ensure that their babies are born in a healthy weight.

In the study, the researchers traced the growth rates of more than 2,000 Philippine boys and girls aged 14 to 16 and compared with high pricing quotes.

The results appear in the February of Hypertension: American Heart Association Journal.

"Boys that were thinner at birth and who earned more weight during childhood and adolescence were those who have had the highest high pressure risk" , says the researcher Linda S. Adair, PhD, a nutrition professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in a news version.

no association was found for girls in the study. Although the girls who had a great weight gain between the ages of 8 and 15 years were more likely to have high blood pressure, this risk was not related to birth weight.

In addition, the increased risk associated with the rapid weight gain during adolescence was found only among the boys who were fine at birth. Fast growth during childhood did not seem to have an impact.

"Faster growth in childhood has not represented a risk of increasing blood pressure in adolescence for any sex," says Adair. "This period of weight gain may even be slightly protective against high blood pressure later. This is an important discovery because pediatricians want to see improved growth in small born babies."

Rapid Weight Gain May Put Boys At Risk

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet