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Dry Eye Syndrome Common in Women Over 50 - Deadlift Reps For Fat Loss

Women Over 40 Weight Loss - Dry Eye Syndrome Common in Women Over 50

Women Over 40 Weight Loss
"We find [dry eye syndrome] to be a relatively common condition between a large group of middle-aged and older women," writes Schaumumberg. Few other studies have tried to evaluate the magnitude of this exasperating problem of dry eyes, it adds.

dry eye syndrome affects an estimate of 3.2 million middle-aged and older women, she says. It urges more research to better understand dry eye syndrome and its impact.

If your eyes feel constantly dry, you must have them evaluated by an ophthalmologist, says Ophthalmologist Bill Lloyd, MD. Many different conditions can cause symptoms that feel like dry eyes, and many are highly treatable, it adds.

Dry Eye Syndrome Common In Women Over 50

Menopause & Dry Eyes: How Your Hormones Impact Your Eyes - Women Over 40 Weight Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet