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Fat Loss Extreme System : Depending on Supplements to Do Your Dirty Work?

Do Fat Loss Supplements Work - Depending on Supplements to Do Your Dirty Work?

Do Fat Loss Supplements Work
This process occurs naturally in our bodies during daily activities and can also be triggered by environmental factors such as smoking, air pollution and alcohol.

So if certain vitamins can prevent damage causing cancer, why not take many of them beyond what we receive from our diet? As the researchers say that although eating fruits and vegetables that are high in these vitamins, they still do not know what it is about them that make them beneficial. "Studies have shown that people who ate many fruits and vegetables had lower cancer rates," says Karen Cullen, DPH, RD, in Baylor College of Medicine Children's Nutrition Research Center in Houston.

but she tells the webmd that no one chemist can claim glory. "When you're talking about antioxidants in food, keeping you healthy, it means eating all the food," says Cullen. Protection can be the reaction of many chemicals working together. "We're still looking for the magic bullet," she says.

Cullen warns there is danger in the theory that takes a little pill will keep people healthy or solve the current currents instead of a good diet and exercise. "It's easier to take a pill than to change your bad habits," says Cullen.

not only people resist the desire to use supplements as a crutch, but additional antioxidants can actually cause diseases interfering in natural biochemical processes in the body that are triggered by whole foods.

In fact, the survey indicated that some antioxidant supplements can actually increase the risk of cancer. A US study interrupted participants to take beta-carotene and vitamin A when early results showed almost 30% more cases of lung cancer and 17 % more deaths in those who take beta-carotene for four years. The results were similar in a Finnish study in which males taking beta-carotene supplements showed almost 20% more lung cancer and almost 10% higher Death rate than those who are not taking vitamin. US researchers are convinced by their results that since the trial was interrupted in 1996, they asked the FDA several times to declare beta-carotene supplements A dangerous chemical causing cancer.

Depending On Supplements To Do Your Dirty Work?

"based on studies in the US and Finland, we find that beta-carotene has definitely increased the lung cancer rate along with the disease [heart]," says Gilbert Omenn, MD, PhD, who directed the study while he was at the Fred Hutchinson's Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington School of Public Health in Seattle. "When we announced our results, cereal manufacturers have taken beta-carotene as a shot."

beta-carotene is found in many fruits and vegetables including carrots, squash, yam, peaches, apricots, spinach, collard and broccoli greens. For several years, many food manufacturers presented that their products contained additional amounts of beta-carotene.

Omenn says seven other studies have not shown benefit from taking beta-carotene supplements, and others in progress show a similar cancer effect.

"Some diehards say our results are totally unproven, but in the four years since our participants stopped taking beta-carotene supplements, the incidence Cancer fell, "says Omenn, now CEO of the University of the Michigan Health System and Medicine Professor there.

Gary Goodman, MD, another of study researchers, says consumers need to understand that vitamins and supplements affect the body differently from natural substances of integral foods. / p> "I agree with the FDA that you can not make a claim [on supplements] unless it is proven," says Goodman, who is with the Swedish Hospital Cancer Institute in Seattle. "For the consumer, for the patient, for us, I would like to know what proof is, not what a pharmaceutical company states. One problem is that once a company announces, then people believe in the claims."

but scientific evidence is still being discovered about security, benefits or damage to take supplements.

Several studies have shown a possible preventive role of vitamin E in prostate cancer, and other similar studies are in progress. In addition, a study by Hospital Brigham and Hospital and Harvard in Boston says beta-carotene can also protect some men against prostate cancer.

Conversely, search at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Memorial in New York shows that vitamin C can hinder cancer treatment because its antioxidant effect protects the Radiation tumors and chemotherapy.

Still, the final question remains: Why do not supplements provide the same health benefits than eating fruits and vegetables?

Adam Drewnowski, PhD, a Washington University researcher, recently published a study that can launch some light on the issue. It warns that the same chemicals that provide a health benefit when obtained from food can also be dangerous in the concentrated quantities found in supplements.

"in plants, [antioxidants] are natural pesticides. They are toxic," says Drewnowski, director of the University's nutritional sciences program. "That's why they kill cancer. But they can be potentially dangerous when you swallow them concentrently.

" You do not want to be taking supplements Without FDA approval. The things you eat in broccoli is not the same as in a supplement, "he says.



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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet